IFA 2010: LG LEX8 3D TV – Main Feature and First Pictures

For those of you who are thinking of splashing the cash on a new 3D TV, you’ll be interested to know that LG are planning to unveil their new LEX8 3D model at the upcoming IFA expo in Berlin.

The good news, is that Engadget has managed to snag a few details on the new model, although the disappointing news is that there is no indication when the LEX8 will be available in the US.

The main highlight of the LEX8 will definitely be it’s super slick Nano LED backlighting, which is proving to be the must-have addition for consumers willing to spend on the latest technology.

Engadget stress that the LG LEX8 will feature the slimmest and narrowest outline of any LED TV on the market at the moment, with just 88cm of thickness.

If you’re interested in this model, look out for it at IFA 2010. There are some pictures over at Engadget.



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