Google Doodle: Mary Shelley’s 213th birthday

By Peter Chubb - Aug 30, 2010

Whenever a special occasion comes up, Google is there to help celebrate in way of a Google Doodle on their homepage. The latest event to get this treatment is Mary Shelley’s 213th birthday, who as we know was a famous British novelist.

What better way to help celebrate such a person than to appear on Google’s homepage, and will no doubt make the younger audience more aware of her work – the most famous being Frankenstein – you only have to see how popular it made Pac-man with the younger audience. Just remember not to make the mistake; the creator was Frankenstein, not the monster that he created.

Mary Shelley (Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin) was born on 30 August 1797 and sadly died on 1 February 1851, making her 53 when she died after suffering a brain tumor. She was a well-respected writer when she died, but her novels became more popular after her passing. More details on Shelley can be found on Wikipedia.

Do you think that by appearing as a Google Doodle, Mary Shelley and other such novelist will get more reconnection in this digital age?

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    We think this is a brilliant idea from Google! One of the best examples of corporate social responsibility and doing it in great style!

    youtube: mypixelstory

  • Stephen

    I didn't know who she was, or what she had achieved. So by clicking on the google doodle I learned something new today. However I did spend a majority of the time trying to find the word Google in the picture which is usually the case with these google doodles. Am I looking for something that isn't there? Haha, oh well I learned who Mary Shelley is.

  • Monkeychops

    Looks like Google think they're the shizzle, oh look at us look how great we are our site's the best! … Let's all use Bing instead lol

  • geoff

    i knew about her work thanks to my daughter having to write about her and the film that was made with her name Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein a great film and even better book.

  • Mark Ziff

    Our usless education system again!

  • kira


  • adriana

    I agree, I had no idea who she was and now I want to go to the library and look her up! you go google!

  • Katie

    Yes I think she will. I personally did not know who she was until clicking the Google Doodle.