Droid Incredible: Android 2.2 Froyo Update – Manual and OTA

By Alan Ng - Aug 30, 2010

Despite the fact that Verizon informed customers that the Droid Incredible update to Android 2.2 would roll out on Friday, we are still hearing reports that a lot of you are still yet to receive the notification OTA.

If this is the case, then you should be aware that a manual update is also available to you. Simply head to your phone’s settings page and then to, About Phone > System Updates.

You should see the update to Froyo available, which is 93.7MB in size. In case you didn’t know, Froyo will bring Flash Player 10.1, faster WiFi, Mobile hotspot capabilities and 720p Video recording to the Droid Incredible.

It is now Sunday evening – Have you received the update for your handset, or are you still waiting? If you are still waiting, don’t worry too much, as Verizon normally take a week or so for the OTA updates to rollout gradually.

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  • annie

    Didn't know anything about this until all my text messages (some with info needed for pending legal battle) disappeared 2 days ago. When i contacted Verizon they casually told me about the update and that there "had been some problems" with it. Can't keep the thing charged for more than a few hours at a time if I'm using it, which is kinda the point of having a phone that "does everything", I thought. NOT a fan.

  • wtfromga

    I would agree that the updated has made mine lag and eats the battery. Skype and VZ Navigator are now permanently installed and run all the time. I have tried to delete them and it's not an option, so I am constantly shutting them off. And yes, I have also lost contacts from my Google contact list! I find I have many more notifications, etc than I used to – even though I set them to the minimum. Overall I am concerned – these problems did NOT exist before.

  • Patrina

    I got my update for my incredible about a week ago. I was playing around with the phone & it popped up saying to update.

  • ksmealli

    I got mine and its terrible.. it now installed new apps that you can not uninstall and they run constantly killing my battery. I have tried everything (changing my task killer settings etc).. I wish I could go back and not do the upgrade 🙁

  • hal

    Got mine 9/3.

  • ivy

    I just got my update here in Ga! Yeaaa baby! Feels like I waited forever.

  • Inca

    Nothing in Machu pichu, perhaps i get no signal here

  • Vertex

    Nothing in Ukraine, damn! ))

  • Frank

    Some phones are allowing you to manually update. Mine isn't one of them. One of my end users just walked in here and manually updated his from the settings menu.

  • Jim

    Not here in Michigan as of 8-31-2010 at 1 PM, But I wonder if it depends on what version you have now, my phone says version 2.1 update, so its fairly new, maybe they are doing older phones first

  • Jas

    got my update this morning but when i clicked download it said error and safe to remove the sd card. I restarted and the update is no longer there. whatever.

  • JBee

    nothing in Baton Rouge, La. 10:25 pm Monday

  • bl42ed0

    wheres my damn update?! or if anyone could post a link to a zip copy ill just manual update it..

  • Sniperl3ait

    Still nothing in Oregon, and it is sad to say….the people who already got froyo are probably the ones who dont even know what it is and/or care about it, they would have been just dumb and happy to live with 2.1 and here we all are holding on to the edge of our seats, biting our nails, they need to just put up a download link on verizon's site, you log in with your verizon account and download… vua'la! But apparently they werent quite planned out for this….

  • TJCoastie

    nope 1331 30AUG2010 Venice, Luisiana Gulf spill site__

  • Don

    No update here….San Diego

  • brooooooo im still waiting i want my update for my incredible

  • Dinc22ROMUser

    Everyone who bitching is retarded… CLICK the "manual update" link. It brings you to a page that LINKS YOU TO a downloadable ROM that you push on to your phone… MANUALLY…

    Alan Ng just needs to word his articles, so that people who didn't pass High School English could understand it without the use of a purple crayon.

    • joe

      and where is that manual update link Einstein!!!

    • GFreeman

      FALSE. Perhaps this worked for you, but I can assure you that nothing shows up in Settings, System Updates on my dinc. i.e., there is no “manual update” link.

  • Jasonium

    He is clearly wrong about being able to manually update. But I looked on the Verizon Wireless website. The Droid Incredible is being offered there with Android 2.2. It says 2.2 right there next to Google Experience.

  • nick

    Hopefully this update will improve the overall speed/performance of the D.inc.

    Still waiting on the update

    Dayton, OH

  • Extra_medium

    The method posted only works if your phone has already received the update and you didn't upgrade it right away for whatever reason. Also to everyone posting locations, it doesn't appear to be region based since my co-worker got his on Friday and I'm still waiting on mine. Nothing to do but wait…. 2.2 is not THAT big of a difference anyways ;).

  • Joe

    Nothing here. washington DC.

  • Joe

    Get your facts straight please

  • Adam

    Really getting sick of waiting…..

    but I continue to.


  • g baby

    It doesn't matter, there shooting 5 updates at a time……in each state!

  • dave

    Still waiting….

    It has nothing to do with location. But I have noticed that some of the biggest assholes and the dumbest people use dinc.

  • You can’t manually update the incredible. Who are these freakin people that post this crap. If you don’t know anything about this phone then shut the crap up. Please…

  • adonis

    verizon said that they're gonna sent to 10,000 phones 2.2 froyo at a time. so it might take a while why froyo gets to your phone.

  • sicilian

    Same here, no update yet, and I also know that the About>Phone manual update does not work. True, the incorrect information shouldn’t have been reported, but that’s no reason for people to be nasty about it.

  • Ladodger16

    Cant update manually been trying all weekend doesnt work. Syil waiting 08/29/10 9:03 PM Las Vegas, NV

  • mhworley

    Total BS on the manual update. This wait is ridiculous.

  • Vail

    WRONG! this artical isn’t even close to right…check ur facts

  • Faisal

    Still waiting for my OTA update in Virginia. I wish Verizon didn't announce anything about a dare and we could have just been pleasantly surprised with an update when we received it.

    • Faisal


  • posttal

    I got mine saturday morning..dont know if it matters but I'm in cleveland,ohio

  • vato

    Still waiting f….ng update

  • Grape Ape


  • billy

    no update in alamosa colorado

  • g baby

    No Shit !

  • margie

    No update here either still waiting..


  • MichaelBeasley

    Dumb ass. it doesn’t work like that. the only way to manually update is to download from a pc, if the build is floating around. do your research before coming up with these “facts.”

  • g baby

    I don't know why these damn retards keep going on about a damn manual update, this is the reason we're pissed off of false accusations:……….get your Shit right assholes!

  • Ken

    Has anyone seen the update for dinc?

  • spigot

    In NH… ready for this? I am dying to get for this update.

    A month ago I convinced my gf to switch plans and buy the Incredible.

    Guess what? Friday night she got the update… now it is Sunday night and I am still waiting!!! Aaaaaaaaagh!

  • Wes17

    The only way to get your update is either from a Verizon push or from the Rom Upgrade Utility (RUU).

    Settings> About Phone>System Upgrade> Froyo ….. FAIL!!

  • still waiting here. getting pretty impatient. the thing is the ppl that could probably care less are the ones who already have it. come the hell on verizon!

  • jimmyB

    Same here ; this advice does not work .

  • rtt


  • Yeah, you can't update manually from About phone > system updates. Still waiting *patiently* for my update.

  • samael

    still dont have it as well

  • Cheese

    That statement is completely wrong. There is no way to manually update. Even though everyone else says it too, I felt the need to post it because it is just so incredibly incorrect.

  • madison

    i went to settings, about phone, and then system update but it does not say i can update it says my android is up to date

  • am23

    you cant manually update it in settings. false

  • James

    Definitely doesn't work that way….check your facts before posting a story like this!

  • Josh

    havent got mine either. Washington State

  • Dinc user

    Alan Ng are you for real? The only way to update your Dinc. is when Verizon lets you, in other word when they feel like sending you the update OTA. you can not update or find the update under About Phone > System Updates.

    Stop giving people false hope.

  • Nick

    Still didn't get mine. Getting a little impatient but ill keep waiting.

  • Spencer

    Thats not true that won't work that just checks to see if you have an OTA update available.

  • Joe

    Still havent gotten my freaking update