Call of Duty Black Ops Beta: Xbox 360 Only, Start Time Revealed?

By Alan Ng - Aug 30, 2010

We have some important news for Xbox 360 owners looking to pick up the next installment in the super popular Call of Duty franchise, as it has been rumored that sign-ups for the multiplayer beta for Black Ops will begin this week.

That is according to this report from, who have captured a screenshot of Google News which shows that a beta is on the way – despite the fact that it hasn’t been announced by Treyarch – remind you of something?

They report that the beta will be exclusive to the Xbox 360, and that sign-ups will begin on Wednesday 1st September. There is some truth to this, since we already know that Treyarch will be unveiling multiplayer mode on Wednesday – we just hadn’t heard anything related to a beta before.

It is safe to say that Black Ops will be the most played game over the holiday period, so a beta would be pretty logical for Treyarch. It is just a shame that it will be exclusive to one console again.

What are your thoughts on this? Xbox 360 owners must be delighted with the news. Don’t forget about our ongoing Killstreaks and Weapons thread here.

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