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UFC 118 play by play results for mobile phone users

UFC 118 was held in Boston at the TD Garden, and has now finished with the full play by play results being shown online. If you’re a mobile phone user you may want a dose of UFC while on the move, especially results round-by-round.

We thought we would post a few options that currently exist for readers on mobile devices. First up would be the Ultimate Fighting Championship app that can be found via the Apple iTunes store, although this may not be as informative as some of the popular MMA news websites.

Sherdog always publish a good play-by-play, and UFC 118 is no different but what if you’re on a mobile device? The UFC 118 results can be found on their site here, but mobile users can visit and get the full recap, watch video interviews, and a lot more.

Personally we feel it’s time Sherdog launched a dedicated iPhone / iPod touch / iPad app, would you like to see the popular MMA site release an app with better features?

MMA Junkie is another popular site that has also listed the full UFC 118 results, and these guys have an iOS and BlackBerry app. While it could do with a lot more features, we have found it one of the best options from MMA news sites.

How do you get your UFC fix on mobile devices? Do you know a better solution for mobile users?


  • A bit fun that there was no knockout of the night at UFC 118. Would have thought that either Marus Davis should have done a knockout, but no not that night. All the best for all the fighters at UFC 118 may they heal up nice and quick.


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