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Samsung Galaxy Tab: Accessories for 2010

Samsung had been keeping details of the Galaxy Tab secret, but has since decided to become more relaxed now. The upcoming iPad alternative looks set to have a number of accessories on offer from the start, which Samsung allowed to appear on one of their portal websites.

Vlad Savov from Engadget noticed that a number of accessories has started to appear on Not only are there details on what accessories will be available for the Galaxy Tab, but also the price as well.

You will be forgiven for thinking that Samsung has taken a look at the accessories that Apple has for the iPad and just developed them for the Tab. You only have to look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab Keyboard and the Table Charging Station to understand what I mean. Prices are €54 and €82 respectively.

One of the most popular items will be the leather bag, which acts as a case and stand. The price is just €41, which does not seem that bad, but I am certain that there will be much more choice soon – well once Samsung decide to release all dimension details of the device that is.

Visit now and see what accessory takes your fancy.



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