New iPod Touch 4th Gen With iPhone 4 Back – Good?

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 29, 2010

After our post yesterday about upgrading to the new iPod touch 4th gen, we had some nice feedback from our readers and a few people made it pretty clear that it was a “no-brainer” to update their old iPod.

While the current iPod touch does so much, if it added a retina display, GPS, A4 chip, and microphone, then the device would become so much more. As one user puts it, the new 2010 iPod touch could also be your hiking GPS, street navigator, videophone, digital camera, camcorder and more.

Slash Gear talks about the fourth generation iPod touch getting a new flat back much like the one on the iPhone 4, although they did say that it may be in a stainless steel or aluminum finish.

Personally I love the new flat design on the iPhone 4, it has a more solid and expensive feel to it. What do you think? Other than all the new rumored features, would you like a flat back on the new iPod touch? Vote below or share your views in the comments.

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  • mhai

    i just bought an ipod touch 4th gen. and seeing this new design makes me wanna return my new ipod and wait for the release of new design. *sighs

  • lwell

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  • sonyavading

    Could be great

  • dfasdfasd

    i like the chrome backing. but if they're going to take it away at least replace it with a more ipadish backing. the iphone 4 is so uncomfortable to hold in your hand and it looks ugly. i really hope they dont screw this up

    • james

      i agree 200% .my frnd already own it,its so ugly with a 'box' shape and flat back.i prefer the new i-touch,so stylish..bout the scratchs,juz install some stickr or case!!

  • scrouch

    I don't really care about the flatback. It would be fine, but adding GPS and a mic would be far more useful. Would no longer need a cell phone if you live in an area with a good wifi network. Maybe a cheap prepaid for when you're out of the area. But say goodbye to contracts.

  • ruby:D

    flatback & camera would be awesome it would make more money because alot of ppl like the i phone except the i pod doesnt need a contract so that would convince ppl to buy it

  • ken

    i just want the facetime and camera thats it but that would be nice, less scratches though

  • Brice

    Yes! I always liked the flat back on the ipod tocuh 1g and didn't really care for the curved on the 2g and 3g. I can't wait to buy one when they come out!

  • iPod Touch

    It better because I hate the old back where it easily scratches!!

    • Joe Heine

      Agree, the back scratches way too easy. I have had a my iPod touch in case since the day I got it and it has scratches on the back.

  • geek

    It is absurd to even give 1 second of coverage to the back shape of a I-Pod.
    A camera, flash, size and weight is interesting but a flat or curved back goes into the category of obsession.

    • jbg

      At last some good sense. This marketing circus has gone too far.

  • Ricardo

    Oh boy! The new ipod touch 4 better not still have that cheap chrome back that scratches at the touch of a speck of dust! I am planning on buying it but I will have to strongly reconsider if apple doesnt give it a new crisp back!

    • billy

      just buy a case for it ive had my ipod touch with the chrome back in a case for 3 years and i took it out and i have no scratches

  • Jazzy

    I would like the ipod touch to look a little like the ipad…i love the smooth backing of the ipad and it doesn't scratch easily….but yeah either the ipad's design or the iphone 4's design would be fine!!!

  • Martin

    From what I gather the backs on existing touch models and the iPhone's (bar the current release of course) the back tends to scratch easily, so any change here would be an improvement. Still a good idea to get a case regardless of what happens.

  • David X

    I love the design of the Iphone 4, and I really realy hope that it translates over to the ipod touch.

  • Rubzy

    Yup, a flat back just like on the iphone 4 would be so gr8
    but i think that it needs to be black glass or, plastic like 3gs iphone.

    !!!– I can seriously tell you now that if it is still chrome like the 3rd gen!!!

  • Jim Kelly

    A new flat back wouldn't make me wanted an ipod touch more or less.