New iPod Touch 4th Gen With iPhone 4 Back – Good?

After our post yesterday about upgrading to the new iPod touch 4th gen, we had some nice feedback from our readers and a few people made it pretty clear that it was a “no-brainer” to update their old iPod.

While the current iPod touch does so much, if it added a retina display, GPS, A4 chip, and microphone, then the device would become so much more. As one user puts it, the new 2010 iPod touch could also be your hiking GPS, street navigator, videophone, digital camera, camcorder and more.

Slash Gear talks about the fourth generation iPod touch getting a new flat back much like the one on the iPhone 4, although they did say that it may be in a stainless steel or aluminum finish.

Personally I love the new flat design on the iPhone 4, it has a more solid and expensive feel to it. What do you think? Other than all the new rumored features, would you like a flat back on the new iPod touch? Vote below or share your views in the comments.

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