iPhone 4 Update Problems: Apple iOS 4.0.2

By Gary Johnson - Aug 29, 2010

It seems the problems with the iPhone 4 just won’t go away; we now have news with problems with the latest software update the iPhone iOS 4.0.2.

Phones review is reporting of problems after updating the operating system to their iPhone 4 via iTunes. Since doing the update they have been unable to play any tunes using the Bose Docking station. All they get is the ‘Device not compatible’ message, meaning no music via a docking station.

Another problem since updating is being unable to pair the iPhone 4 with the Bluetooth system in a BMW 530D Motorsport. Dropped calls are still a problem with people on the other end wondering why they have been cut off.

The list goes on with problems sending text messages, with roughly 3 out of 5 texts with ‘Message Sent Failed’ displayed. Battery life was mentioned and is said to be worse after updating the software. They also didn’t like the fact you have to cover the gorgeous looking iPhone 4 with a case.

Are you experiencing any of these problems since updating to iOS 4.0.2?

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  • Asia Eberly

    anyone know How tp fix it pls

  • Asia Eberly

    I update iphone last night. and I lost all my contact music and photo

  • Craig Falkland

    everytime i plug my iphone 4 into my laptop it asks me if i want to download the new software, everytime it fails!

  • Brandi

    My iPhone 4 is haviing problems with apps locking up. The app store has frozen @ 50 times in 2 days! Aaaarrrggggghhh!

  • rachael

    i updated my iphone 4 and now i cannot use it at all. i just get a symbol on the screen showing me to connect to itunes. when i do nothing happens. does anyone know how to fix this? its been like this for over a week now

    • Robyn

      me too has anyone been able to help you

  • Shane

    does anyone know why i keep having problems when doing updates? 4.1 and 4.2 have both had problems and thrown the phone into recovery mode. when i run recovery it doesn't work and the only way i have been able to get my phone back from being a very expensive paper weight is to do a restore through "tinyUmbrella" – good thing i did a shsh backup before i attempted my update.

  • Robert

    Since updating have the same problem

    I loose my signal a lot and battery life is worse than ever

    Apple should give us back at least $100.00 of the cost back to us

  • Dave

    Unable to multiple text?

  • Kaya

    I just updated my iphone 4 to 4.02 and am having seriois signal problems. I have 3g icon on the phone but it wont work, when it works its extremly slow, when you want to open youtube it says video could not played. I am very dissappointed with iphone 4, with updates it should get better but somehow after every update its getting worse and worse!

  • Eric B

    my iphone is repeating words i type incorrectly vocally. is anyone else having this happen to them?

  • Heather

    After udpating to current software all my apps get closing immediately when I open them..it keeps freezing and in th iPod all the songs keep starting over or it will play the song for a few seconds then skip..

  • Justin

    I upgraded my 3GS to iOS 4.0.2 a couple of weeks ago, and only yesterday did Safari stop working right. When I open it, it works for about 15 seconds and then Safari shuts down. I've also had the docking issue. Anyone else had problems with their Safari?

  • EM from Chicago

    I got my iphone 4 two weeks ago. It worked well until I downloaded the software update last night. Ever since then 2-3 out of 10 times when I press the send button either while texting, emailing, or posting something on facebook, it won't do it but rather send me back to the home screen. I hate it cuz I'd lose everything I wrote. I called apple technical support and the person I spoke with assured me that what I experienced is uncommon. I was advised to restore my iphone setting and this should fix the problem. Well, it didn't! Let my unfortune be a lesson to you. Don't update for now!

  • M–

    I have an iPod Touch 2G, and since updating to 4.0.2, my car stereo system started having intermittent problems connecting via the dock adapter (I have a USA-SPEC adapter).

    Problems in the car:
    -Sometimes it doesn't dock.
    -It always chooses to start playing the same song when I plug my iPod into the car.
    -In the last week or two, my car can't pick up song titles or album names from the iPod.

  • Robert

    Well after reading all this I think I will not do the update on my Ip4. You know the old saying if it ain't broke don't update….

  • Qlmpnr

    I have a iP4 running 4.0.2. Under 4.0 & 4.0.1 it would connect flawlessly with the SYNC bluetooth in my Ford Fusion. When I turned on the engine, it connected. If I was on a call and left the car, it would switch the call to my phone then back to the speakers when I got back in the car automatically with no problem. After the .02 upgrade, I now have to manually connect the phone before I drive away – more often than not while doing this, I'll get a 'No phone found' error on the SYNC display, even after manually pressing the SYNC connect in iP>Settings>General>Bluetooth. After finally connecting, 1/2 the time I'll get a 'Bluetooth device disconnected' on the SYNC display after the iPhone screen times out to black. APPLE FAIL

  • Rico

    I updated 3g to 4.0.1, same issue, MEGA SLOW!! I however downgraded to 3.1.2, but was unable to restore any of my notes, texts, or contacts from itunes. I just got a pop up saying that my os was too old. So i went back to the dreaded 4.0.2, and then all my info was back!! Is there any way of not losing all my contacts,notes and texts when downgrading??

  • Cathy

    Since upgrading I cannot select a song in the iPod to play. It refuses and when on song shuffle it selects a song then quickly goes onto another without playing it. I bought a new album on iTunes and I can’t select it to play it!!! What’s going on????

  • Peter

    Altec Lansing sound dock not working. The device displays the track details but alas, there’s no sound. I expect a lot of pissed off manufacturers.

  • Keith

    Another person with a 3GS that installed 4.0 with continuous problems. My current issues is an inability to text. It says Messages (-1) at the top. Anyone solved this problem.

  • Jason

    I also have a 3gs while i was trying to get the new update my itunes kept crashing so when i got on my mac i finally got it to update and it erased all my apps and music and sure the update looks cool but my phone has not been the same since battery life sucks the phone seems like it's really lagging using safari is another headache and i know if i go to at&t thats just not gonna help at all seeing how there all f*cking idiots over there

  • JB

    After updating to 4.0.2 I’ve had constant serious problems. First almost no synch via exchange server, no web. Then picked up apple bug fix which seemed to gradually improve things, then calendar crashes if I try to view a few days ahead – useless in mtgs then lost text and phone conversations. Apple support useless. Rubbish phone

  • I have an iPhone 3Gs. I was having trouble commenting to 3G with the 4.0 update. So… What i did. I take that back. What AT&T told me was to update it to the 4.0.2 to see if it fixed the problem. It didn’t. Now I don’t have 3G at all.

  • miguel

    i have the new update on my 3gs, and been having problems as well that wont go away " something about signal, like when i dock it to my surround sound and soething about the battery

  • joe

    I'm having problems connecting to my email addresses………the phone keeps "connecting" with nothing……I'm getting none of my emails.

  • Ross

    Since the update .02 I have no wireelss signal and the phone keeps crashing, wont sync and new apps are not syncing. This phone is seriously crap!!! BIG PROBLEM investing my business in this technology especially as I have no choice now!

    • kat

      my wireless does the same thing!!!

  • BlueCat

    i have an iphone 3g and the 4.0.2 screwed it up royally. between that and the at&t service, i'm walking over to the verizon store today to look at the droid.

  • Shaun

    I finally updated mine this morning and the update failed while installing. It sent the phone into recovery mode and I had to restore it. This worked ok (I still have saved game progress and photos on there I thought I'd lose). I've not used it much since this morning but have noticed frame rate issues with Angry Birds with I'd never noticed before. I'm kinda wishing I'd just stuck with the previous version 🙁

  • I've not typically had any of the problems I've heard about, but since updating to 4.0.2, my phone has restarted several times for no apparent reason – during a call, while listening to music, etc.

  • W McKellar

    One thing I have noticed since the update, is that new emails automattically sync via Outlook. The only way to know when a new email has arrived, is to push mail and sync. Before the update, email notifications automatically popped up (like a meeting notice or a text message).

  • Marcus Wilson

    I’ve had none of the reported problems and use my iPhone constantly.

  • J Smith

    I’m charging my iPhone 4 at least twice a day. Since the software update, my Bluetooth headphones keep dropping the connection.

    • martha

      since my iphone update I can no longer use the bluetooth in my infiniti fx its really annoying