Final Fantasy XIV: PC and PS3 Subscription Fee – Is Price fair?

By Alan Ng - Aug 29, 2010

With Final Fantasy XIV due out on PC in a month’s time, it will be the next Final Fantasy title in the franchise which will make use of monthly subscriptions fees. We have the confirmed price you’ll have to pay per month – we want your thoughts on it.

Over on the official website for the game, Square-Enix has confirmed that users will have to pay out $12.99 for a 30 day subscription for the game. As far as I’m aware, there are no annual plans available yet, although that may become available after the game’s release on September 30th.

What are your thoughts on the price though – is it fair in your opinion? It is the same monthly price that Square-Enix still charges for Final Fantasy XI, so at least they haven’t increased it for the new game. Don’t forget that if you want early access to the game on September 22nd, you can pick up the Collectors Edition for $74.99, otherwise the standard edition will be out on September 30th, priced at $49.99.

Will you be subscribing to Final Fantasy XIV or not? Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • Upset Gamer

    online gaming has ruined games with monthly fee’s. stop trying to rip people and just make good sales the old fashioned way and make the best games.

  • Holysorceror

    $12.99 a month is kind of steep, granted it’s not as much as some of you pay for world of warcraft, but to have to pay $59.99 + tax as well as $12.99 a month is just ridiculous I am gonna go ask for my money back on this game asap, What are these people thinking? You make possibly one of the greatest games ever, and I have to pay $250 for the first year? Dude that is a new PS3 or like 5-10 games, What is wrong with people? Not everyone is rich ok, I don’t enjoy paying thousands of dollars on a single game, I could understand like $5.00 a month, that’s not too bad but $15? I don’t even pay that much for broadband internet.

  • Andrew Bull

    I'll complain about the subscription fee, simply because I'm a console user, so the game is gonna be like double the price than the PC version, so not only have I bought an expensive console that is more expensive than buying a computer and a few parts, but I also have to buy a full priced game (which I'm guessing wont go down in price, just like DC Universe hasnt shifted much in the months its been out) to then also have to pay a monthly fee when I have other games to play, so I'm not even getting the months full gameplay that I;ve paid for.

  • Ottawan

    I find the whole restricted xp thing a bit pointless, I'm not one to grind games for levels etc but I think those who do should be rewarded as such, it's their choice to put the effort in.
    With regards to the whole "my game I should be able to play it once I've paid" thing to an extent I agree. To be fair so do SE. They give you a month free which could be more but is not unreasonable, yes games are becoming more and more an art form but unlike other forms of art games usually require a huge investment of time and money to create and while not trying to slight any artists games have to have mass appeal in order to be profitable as opposed to art which needs just a couple of fans to buy the individual pieces.
    I don't like the idea of paying fees as much as anyone else but even though I'm unsure about the ps3 version as to whether it even has fees it's something increasingly common and as others have said, you can't just set up a server and hope things work out for the best. Take the PS3 hack for example, I can barely play MW2 anymore for all the hackers on it and without subscription fees and with the release of black ops there's just so much less motivation for the developers to sort it out. If you don't like the game and the one month free doesn't inspire you to pay a monthly fee for a much higher game quality then feel free to play more buggy MMORPGs and with guild wars being an exception it's something which is somewhat of a necessity. I wouldn't be surprised if in the next few years FPS's take a similar strategy, CoD at $15 a month compared to some MMORPGs seems cheap. Be more prepared for $30.

  • Anyone who thinks that because they gave Best Buy $70 they 'own' that software really needs to pay more attention to license and end user agreements. The $70 is just your 'initiation fee.' And whoever said video games are 'art' and alluded to the fact they should practically be public domain is an idiot also. That is one of the most selfish things I have ever heard. People work their asses off to produce great content for you to enjoy and you believe they should receive no compensation? What are they, video game serfs? Square Enix the media slave organization? Maybe you pinkos think that your video games be subsidized too. Be happy there are games for you to play; be happy you are able to live a life that extends you such indulgences.

    You know the Smithsonian has a 70s Gran Prix on display so I guess that makes it art; free muscle cars for everyone!

    People need to re-evaluate their lives if they are going to act like SE is asking them to be neutered and thrown into an internment camp in exchange for online access. Get over yourselves.

  • $13/month is a fraction of what people spend each month on non-essential/luxury items. How many times have you been at the store and said, 'I want a Snickers, dammit," and then bought one? How many times do you impulse buy like this in a month? I would be willing to bet $13 your impulses cost you more than the subscription to FF14.

  • Jono

    As people have said, I can understand why the fee is there, and I see that it is quite fair and justified. However, I think, reading from what someone else is said, £9 is a bit much for a month.

    If they have a year subscription I probably won't mind as much though, the game just looks mouth drooling but until I get a job or something I probably won't be playing it, sadly.

    And I DEFINITELY won't be buying it, reading the above comment saying you have to decide on INSTALL how you pay..

  • Ron Taylor

    I just Purchased this game 3 days ago at a Wal-Mart. And as my eyesight is NOT what it use to be I asked two Employess leaning over a Shelf shooting the breeze to tell me Two things. it Win7 Compatible and Two…is it one you HAVE TO PAY to PLAY?? ( Games that I feel are a REAL RIP-OFF!!! ) They Both assured me they were Win7 Compatible and could be played either Offline of Online. And I would NOT have to PAY TO PLAY…Offline. I thanked them for the Info and went ahead and Purchased. After Wastimg about 3 hours downloading this game…including UPDATES ( 2hrs and 20minutes worth)..I was then given the choice of PAYING $1.50 a day to play OR $30 a month…using my Visa/Mastercard…ect..ect…had to Choose in order to continue on with the Download/Install. Needless to say when I realized I'be been LIED to…I immediately Closed Out the install..put DVD back in case. And am now waiting to return it to Wal-Mart letting them know that I had been LIED To by these young Male Clerks. I only paid $50 for mine but Have ABSOLUTELY No Intentions of paying an Additional $360 a year in order to play this game!!! Just how Damn "Greedy" are these people anyway???

  • josh

    You guys are effin idiots… What you are saying is "I bought my TV and I have to pay for cable?" well no shit. You are buying a MMORPG, not a single player game. With that said I don't think I will be playing it either, however I understand why the fees are there.

  • jay

    I love final fantasy, but I love my principles more and paying what will be about £8.99 (sterling) a MONTH to play a game is something my principles will simply not let me do.

    Its a huge rip-off in my opinion and will not even consider purchasing. I don't buy many games these days; they have to be potentially legendary for me to even consider buying for the standard one-off price of £40-£50.

  • Grave

    I realy just do not see the point of paying $13 a month after already paying $50 for the game. If I pay for something and own it, I plan on using it whenever I want and I won't pay someone else to do it. I don't pay Hanes $13 a month to wear my underwear that I bought so why would I pay SE $13 a month to play a game I payed for and own. So in retrospect, I believe the whole subscription thing is a load of donkey s#&t.

  • Nub

    I rather have had a single player version of the game than an online mmo

  • AOE Tanker

    At first I was really into getting this game, but Imust admit the subscription fee really put me off from wanting to actually get it. I have no problem with the exp limit (honestly who's going to sit infront of their system for 15 hours a day 🙂 but if I'm being charged for a game experience that is restricted anyway, I don't think I'm willing to dish out any more money than what I spent on the game. Nice try Square-Enix, but you're no Blizzard.

  • squallkelly

    I would be gladly pay for 30 days an amount of a price. but only to have a limited time? i perhaps would like to play, not 8 hours per week, but 8 hours per day! this is fair for me and the money we do not have anymore! for god's shake. i believe if they continue like that, the name of the game will fall out quickly and we'll be waiting for ffversus13. spare us please!

  • Cloud Strife

    Will PS3 one have a subscription fee?

    • Shingo

      don't know yet… I trying find it.. there no info about PS3 subscription fee…so we have to waiting when it release on nov 24th

    • Rhodd o DDuw

      Yes. I assume as with FFxi it will have cross platform servers. So PS3 and PC gamers will be able to play together.

  • Haru

    Let me say this. GAMES ARE A FORM OF ART. They should be FREELY allowed to be APPRECIATED. Players are not cash cows. Isn't it already more than enough to buy the game?

  • Dark Almasy

    I actually won't be buying Final Fantasy XIV, solely due to the subscription fees. A few months back a friend of mine told me it wouldn't have any fees, unlike XI, so I was excited, and really wanted to buy it. However, now that I know he was wrong, as I assumed he was, but got my hopes up anyway, I'm not getting it.

  • Midnight Shadow

    ………. @ all you who are moaning about fee's and such, GET OVER YOURSELVES, Like RED said, They need this money to continue the maintenance of the game, and to, later on, create new games, so just suck it up and pay, and if you still don't wanna, fine, go play something else, jeez, 13$ ain't that big of a deal, eh, even though to me that'll be 19-20 $ Thats really nothing -just shakes head in disappointment to those who're complaining.

  • Vairent

    Those games are the reason i have casually played Guild Wars and will play Guild Wars 2 hopefully next year!!!

  • ticked off

    it's pathetic that they have to add subscription fees to cheat and steal people's money. When you buy a game you should own it and be able to play it when you want and YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY SOMEONE IN ORDER TO PLAY YOUR OWN GAME. What the Heck. I so wanted to buy this game but there is no way I am getting it now thanks to these stupid subscription fees.

  • RED

    People don't get the fatigue system, and are making knee-jerk reactions about it.
    1. It's not 8 hours.
    They calculate the maximum exp you could gain in an hour. They give you 8 times that much exp. I'm sorry to say, but most people WON'T earn the maximum amount of exp, so it'll take them longer to hit that 8 hours-worth-of-exp threshold.
    2. They don't cut you off when you reach the 8th threshold.
    You get another 7 hours worth of exp at diminishing rates. So you only stop gaining exp when you grind perfectly for 15 hours.
    3. Your potential exp regenerates when you aren't actively gaining exp. People seem to overlook this a lot, but your "remaining exp" goes up if you aren't gaining exp. Again, most people aren't to gain exp non-stop, so they'll regenerate some during the week, and take longer to hit the 8th (or 15th) threshold.
    4. Physical level and class level are on separate pools. FFXIV uses two different levels; you have a single physical level that doesn't change no matter what job you are, and grants you stat points when you increase your physical level. You also have job levels, 1 for each job (included crafting and gathering jobs) which gain exp independently from each other. Each has its own pool for the fatigue system, so if you manage to grind through all your exp thresholds on one job, you can still switch to another and continue making progress. Yes, your physical level will be stalled, but physical level increases faster than job level anyway. And for those who say they want to pick one job and be the best they can at that job: If you ignore your other jobs, you won't be the best at anything. When leveling jobs, you get abilities that can be assigned while using other jobs. If you never level any other jobs, you'll be missing out on support abilities that could provide significant boost to your "main" job.

    As for the people saying the game shouldn't have a subscription (and especially the guy who said individuals run free servers on donations, so SE should do the same):
    1. They're a company, their goal is to make money.
    2. The game wasn't free for them to produce. People who run free servers are essentially using work that someone else already did.
    3. The game isn't free for them to maintain. They put a lot more resources into it than a free server, included continued development and bug fixes, hardware maintenance, and staffing of GMs, CSRs, etc.
    4. They don't have one project they work on exclusively. It's not like they say "This money was from FFXIV; we'll use it to cover our costs for FFXIV and then pocket the rest". They reinvest some of the money into new projects as well.

    • jeremy

      there are plenty of games that are a good quality and took a long time to make, and updates bug fixes are done for an upfront cost with out a regular fee. Bugs should be fixed for free, they are errors in the game. The real difference is the server is maintained, and these days it is not that expensive. For a fee i would expect a lot more updates that what i see.

    • drakenjager89

      i have something to add to this:
      i have contacted SE on this matter and they explained me in detail what this fatigue system holds, it is true that you're exp is halves once you reached the 8 hour limit, but this only keeps up for the character you're commanding or (this is even better) changes weapon, i know this must be annoying, but it is also a means to go train other weapons.

      and for those babies who are whining about the subscription, RED is right, they need to make money so the people can maintain the server, and if you go comparing payed games with the free games, then consider the fact that free games get their money from unique items sold at their online store wich makes the game lame if you arent able to pay for those items and in the mean time the rich guys get all the cool stuff, wich really sucks, now also free servers may be cool, but they have changed most of the games rules, wich spoils it's original build design, along with the fact that can have major glitches. (not to forget free servers arent completely legal).
      so stop you wining, there are plenty of free online games in thw rold wich are paid and as long as people pay to play, there is nothing you can do to stop it, if you dont like it, then dont buy the game nor play it, all subcription fee games have warning text on them that you need a subscription to play, if you'd miss that , then it's you're own stupid fault.

  • Provy17

    i think that in today's economy, they should have lowered the price for the fee a little. but thats just my opinion. and I am SO psyched for this game, but if they keep that 8 hour a day thing, im probably gonna say screw it all together and not get the game. i wanna be able to play a game that I PAY for when i want, for as long as i want. i dont want to be restricted to when i should be allowed to enjoy something ive paid for.

  • Moat

    Wow only 8 hours a day? On my days off i like to play as much as possible. If that is true i might have to resist playing it cause i'll be so upset when it says i played too much on my day off.

  • BigGamer

    I find the price and monthly fee completely fair. People need to realize game companies are for profit entities that need to make money to survive.

    Games take years to develop with a large up front investment. To make up this large investment game companies charge a box fee which they hope will be enough to return a profit. Since MMO's also have recurring costs such as Bandwidth, Server Maintenance, Programmer Salaries, etc. To cover these recurring costs they need a constant revenue stream i.e. Subscription Fees.

    Remember, if there is no profit, there is no game.

  • devon

    $13 isnt a whole lot of money… heck I know people who spend more on Food than that in a single day!!! $13 equates to about 1 hours wage for me… so year its worth it…

  • Rappy0

    There are private servers for some games that run only on donations. The people running the servers are normal people with no big budgets and they don;t have a problem keeping it running on just donations because the games good. This is square-enix the biggest RPG sellers there is do they really need a monthly fee? is there millions of dollars they got off of the crap FF13 not enough to keep a server up? I heard that the PS3 version was going to be free because Sony was going to pay for the servers. Its the same thing with Monster hunter it dosen't have a fee (In America) and Capcoms having no problem with it. What square should do is have a donate thing like private servers. If people like the game they will donate to keep the servers up and give the donaterrs a little something extra. Its not that hard. A person can easly make a server and keep it up with just donations then square should be able to do it with no trouble.

  • Smythe

    My understanding of the …8 hr limit is this…. for up to 8 hrs things remain normal… after that you start to gain less experience as you go along …. taking you more time to advance in lvls. This is SE attempt to balance out the game for those individuals that have a life and dont play for 12-16 hours, or even more , at a time. I know… it's lame and no one likes it… but really for those of us that cant play a marathon of 40 hours in one sitting …. who cares…. i mean seriously …. how many ppl are gonna play for longer then 8 hrs a pop… if you do…GET A LIFE !!!!

  • Justyn

    I heard that it was 12.99 for 30 days worth of gameplay not per month… like if you play 24 hours game time then you have 29 days left before you have to pay again… but it might have changed…

  • art seifert

    I agree with most and I dont mind honestly paying 13 bucks a month. The problem I do have is paying 13 bucks a month to be told i cant play after 8 hours and have to wait a week. I dont pay for a cellphone and then wait to weekend to make a call cause its free. If it was free why am i paying a charge in the first place. Same with this game. Dont dictate how much time i spend on a game and then charge me full time play fees. If i wanted to sit around and wait to play a game Id get multiplayer game no one has and wait for the lobby to fill. And that be free.

  • Max

    Square Enix have some serious nerve even charging a subscription fee if they are limiting the hours in which players can play the game. There are too many reasons why this is a bad marketing move to list, but ultimately, they all end in SE earning less revenue.
    Don't buy.

    • Rhodd o DDuw

      The fatigue system isn’t there to “limit” your play time, it’s there to stop players like me ( who don’t get alot of play time ) falling too far behind. When your exp gets gimped, just change class and you’ll earn max exp for another 8 hours. And if your sad enough to play 10 hours a day and gimp xp on all your classes just got craft or do some quests, actually play the story out ( believe it or not there is one ). Simples!!

  • Crit-Crat

    wow, a lot of people don't seem to understand the concept of paying money for an MMO. The upkeep of $10, $13, $15, etc a month is supposed to come back to you in the form of immaculately maintained servers, constant support from moderators, and continual addition of new content into the world, while tweaking existing attacks, spells, monsters, etc.

    The fact that FFXIV costs the same per month as FFXI means that they will be making less from each person than they did in the last game. See "inflation" to understand more.

    Don't forget that this kind of pay-to-play service has been around since before Ultima Online, and there is nothing absurd about it.

    That being said, I'm still a bit iffy on th quality of this particular title, and I'm going to wait and see how it is critically received before I decide whether or not to buy the game.

  • Epsilon


    First month of purchase is for free man

    • BINGO

      Oh goody a whole month.. on top of the internet bill and the price of the game.. This company wouldn't loose a single penny if they made it free to play… so why charge… Pure greed.

  • bjbj4me

    I agree with wickedproxy. If they are gonna charge $50 to buy the game that you can't play unless you pay the $12.99 a month, then why don't they at least give you 3 months free with purchase of the game. I can't believe people actually fall for this. Nobody should buy this game until they offer it for free and then pay a monthly fee.

  • c-love

    final fantasy is a great series but a montly subscripton for the ps3 one go fuck yourself prob gonna be a shitty as ff 13, garbo and now metal gear solid is going western yyyyyyyy gonna be gay, listen leave the world of warcraft kids with no lives alone and just release a game we buy it and then u dotn charge ne more how bout that

    • Iris

      Really?.. using "gay" to describe something in which you feel is unsatisfactory… very mature. Majority of MMORPGs have required a monthly fee for several years now and that is a fact. "World of Warcraft kids with no lives"? At least they know how to find a way to fund their monthly subscription and aren't complaining or comparing it to other irrelevant game genres.

      Like the others previously said in the above posts, $12.99 is usually the standard price for an MMORPG subscription. You're pretty much paying for technical services and such. If you think the pricing is too high, simply do not get the game.

  • wickedproxy

    So let me get this straight. I purchase the game and then pay a monthly fee for the privilege to play my game. I find this to be absurd. I will NOT be getting this game!

    • That's how it is with most solid MMO RPG's theese days. Although such a sum may not be justifiable still there are a lot of maintainance/bug fixes server costs.

  • Phillip

    Diablo ain't a mmorpg. In the same time, you got to understand why they charge you monthly fees for mmorpgs and mmos. Although I'm not too sure 12.99 is justifiable yet, it's sure better better paying 15 bucks a month. However, it is usually the better quality mmorpgs that uses the subscription models (Guild Wars and maybe Global Agenda is the exception). Also, there is a current trend of subscription mmorpgs converting into the Free to Play model which in fact, usually milks more money out of your wallet. So is the 12.99 fee that much of an issue? No.

  • Xelloss

    It would be fair if they didn’t have the ridiculas fatigue system limiting your playtime of each class to 8 hours a WEEK!

    • Abriael

      Again, for the 1000th time, the system doesn't wor like that. It's not a hard cap. It's a soft cap that can be easily avoided. You can easily play each class for an infinite time.

      Here's how it works:

      I'm amazed that there are still people that didn't understand how it works.

      Anyway. I don't really understand the point of this article. That's the standard monthly fee of any P2P MMORPG out there, so where exactly is the point? It's plenty fair.

  • Alex Woo

    I think that its understandable that they try to milk us of money for us to play the game which they know we will play anyways even if we have pay each moth but god damn i wish they didnt lol. i want it to go back to diablo 2 days where they release a great game and let us play online for free! those were the days. now-a-days i think we will ever see an amazing MMO ,like Diablo 2, that the producers will let us play online for free….oh the sadness

    • Pernesti

      I never found the monthly payments to be an issue while plaing FFXI back in the day. At least when something was wrong with the game they fixed it within the next 1-2 weeks and I expect the same from FFIV. Another positive thing about FFIV is that while 13$ may seem like a lot of money for a monthly fee, people in europe, including myself, had to pay 13€ every month which by today's currency is close to 20$ and I heard that FFIV would have a monthly fee of 10€ in europe so it's about 1/4 cheaper than FFXI was.

      P.S. Diablo 2 probably isn't the best example of a 'great' MMO. It originally had very little content and it has got 2 small expansions in the last 6 years, the other one being something that should've been there from the very beginning, yet it still has every single bug/glitch I ran into 6 years ago when I started playing. That's what you get from an MMO without a monthly fee.

    • Sub_Stayne

      Well you are right a reason why i am waiting for Diablo 3..i was hoping XIV won't be monthly..but man SE is milking all out money away..i mean $150 a year..?

    • Celcees

      uh… wow not even a similar gaming concept there… comparing an mmo witch cant be run with out constant money flow to a co-op/lan game…. have you played an mmo before? do you have the slightest idea what an mmo is? diablo is not an mmo… not even close…