Call of Duty Black Ops vs. Wii Party: Which will sell more?

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 29, 2010

This month has been a good one for Call of Duty fans and those wanting zombies in the upcoming “Black Ops” game, which seemed to be confirmed early this month. We have also seen the list of multiplayer killstreaks and perks increase.

When Call of Duty: Black Ops is released we know it will sell loads, but has made a bold claim about another game, Wii Party. It’s their view that Nintendo’s Wii Party will sell more than COD Black Ops, and while we agree that Wii Party has impressive sales figures, we are not sold on the idea.

So we thought it’s a good idea to ask the most knowledgeable people of all, and that is you, the gamer. Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments, or vote in the poll below.

Our bet is on Call of Duty Black Ops to sell the most copies, what’s yours?

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