Black Ribbon Meaning On Google

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 29, 2010

You may be wondering today about the meaning of a black ribbon on Google, and if you have been using Google for many years you would have seen a black ribbon used in the past by Google.

The Black Ribbon page on Facebook lists many times we have seen this symbol used in the past, they point to Google using a black ribbon to support the relief effort after Hurricane Katrina, and after the London bombings they also used a black ribbon to show respect.

Only Kent has posted information that highlights Hurricane Katrina and the marking of the 5th anniversary since the disaster in New Orleans.

Some users have started discussions asking for the meaning of Google’s black ribbon – seen here on Google’s forum – but if they hovered over the black ribbon on the Google home page today they would have seen some text pop up stating “Hurricane Katrina”.

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  • Rick

    In my religion (Judaism) the black ribbon (the ribbon specifically, and long before the pop use of ribbons began) has been used for centuries to indicate being in a state of mourning. I have no doubt that other cultures have used this symbol; certainly the color itself is associated with death in Western culture in the same way the white is used in the Eastern tradition. Why Google has chosen to use this symbol is obvious, yet I find it a bit insensitive, or perhaps just ignorant, or even arrogant. Just more "pop" culture thinking it's invented everything and that there really has been no historical relevance to any symbol that pre-dates let's say 1970?.