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Apple iPhone 4: No White Availability Leads To Desperation

With the lack of an Apple iPhone 4 in White we have seen some fans getting pretty desperate, and with the possibility that iPhone 4 availability in White may end up being an iPhone 5 in 2011, then you cannot blame them.

We have seen some users look for custom solutions, this includes converting a black device to white with iCarbons (see video), and some users find skins a solution, which do look pretty good. See the Simply White DecalSkin iPhone 4 skin cover, and this custom iPhone 4 skin apparently by GelaSkins.

The news of an iPhone 4 in White will continue to trickle in, with apparent unboxings and pictures of devices that are claimed to have sneaked out of the factory, but with us entering the fourth quarter it’s looking increasingly unlikely for 2010.

How desperate have you been to get an iPhone 4 in White? These 10 reasons may help you forget about the White idea.



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