Anti-Facebook: Can Diaspora Social Network Challenge?

How often do we see on the Internet Anti-Facebook? More often than I can remember, sometimes it is about a group whose main aim is to turn people away from the social networking site, and other times it refers to a new social media service set to rival the giant. The latest challenger is Diaspora, but what makes this open source social network so different?

First-things-first, we can tell you that Diaspora (pronounced die-as-poe-ra) will launch on September 15, so not long to wait to see how it will look. That’s right, none of us even know what the new service will look like, but things are taking shape – as you will be able to see when you visit the website.

According to Ian Paul from PC World, the team developing Diaspora said that the promising social networking software is already working and that early results were looking good.

Diaspora has a huge weight on its shoulders, not only is the service expected to be an alternative to Facebook, but also Twitter and other such services. Do not expect this to happen overnight – if it ever does. Diaspora will most likely start with basic features and will evolve over time, but they cannot afford to take too long, as we know how fast things move in social networking.

For full details of expected features and more visit PC World.

Is Diaspora the New Anti-Facebook?



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