Paul Allen sues Apple, YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, eBay and more

Interval Licensing has brought a lawsuit against 11 big online-based companies, which include Staples, OfficeMax, Netflix, AOL, eBay, Facebook, YouTube, and Apple. According to The Telegraph, Paul Allen controls Interval Licensing.

So why would Paul Allen want to sue Apple and 10 other major Web-based companies? It’s alleged that they infringe four of his Internet patents, and that Interval Licensing created these “fundamental web technologies” back in the 1990s.

A spokesman for Mr. Allen, David Postman, said that they are taking legal action because they must protect their “investment in innovation”. Andrew Noyes, a Facebook spokesman, said they will fight the lawsuit “vigorously”, and that it is “without merit”. Read more on Reuters and The Telegraph.

Do you agree with the action Paul Allen is taking? Can he take on 11 major Web-based companies? You can watch a debate on this topic in the video below (thanks to WSJ).



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