New iPod touch 4 with camera and microphone – why upgrade?

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 28, 2010

The Apple press event planned for September 1 is expected to bring news of a new iPod touch for 2010, which could be called “iPod touch 4” following on from the iPhone 4 name change. The feature list could also follow iPhone 4, but some users ask why make an iPod touch with iPhone-like features?

What if the new iPod touch 4 came with a camera and microphone, would you upgrade? The appeal for the iPod Touch is the fact you do not need a new data plan, can listen to music, use apps, play games, use the internet, and take pictures if the new version has a camera.

Having a mic would make it easy to use FaceTime, which could include a simple data plan like the iPad has for video calling on the new iPod. If you already have a phone you’re happy with, and want a new iPod touch then the 4th generation will be a worthwhile upgrade rather than the iPhone 4

The same goes for those that have an iPod touch and love the features so much they want an iPhone, three of my family members had an iPod touch and sold it because they loved iOS so much they wanted the iPhone, which made the iPod touch redundant.

Those that only play games and listen to music on their iPod touch may not want the new features coming from the fourth generation device, so upgrading could just be a waste of money.

Where do you stand? If the new iPod touch includes a microphone, front and back-facing camera, Retina display, and FaceTime, would you upgrade and why?

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  • Mashed Potato

    gosh!!i'm buying a itouch 4 in 2 weeks!!
    so happy!!!

  • Mashed Potato

    gosh!!i'm buying a itouch 4 in 2 weeks
    i'm so happy!

  • Charlie

    How Much Is It?
    Because I really want one but I need to save up for it and i only have £5

  • leon millson

    I have a new itouch 4 and a mifi 3g modem just dowlaoded truphone to my itouch. Now i have a great mp3 and phone!!! who needs an iphone eh?

  • Cmon

    Sprint offers a data plan so not such a stupid comment afterall.

  • Patrick

    Torn back when got the 2nd generation I was really loving it. Problem is so did my wife. So much she won’t let it leave the house with me. Lol fear I may handle it brutishly. My cellphones are evidence to her defence lol. I tried buying her one but at the. Store she insisted on the nano 3gen. But she doesn’t use it. Think I’ll buy the 4 gen touch. Hope she let’s me use it. Lol

  • mimi

    can somebody tell me te resolution of the new ipod touch?it says the new iphod got HD recording capability,but how much is it?please..thank you..

  • Chance

    I am totally gonna upgrade.

  • Tonyali

    does anyone know whether new ipod touch's cameras and mic may use with skype or not? without voip support I think they are useless for most of us.

  • Coolgirl18456

    Omigosh! I totally gonna upgrade!! I’ve been waiting for them to come out with something like this for forever!!! My 2nd generation is working just fine but I want a camera!! (: can’t wait till I get mine!

  • Ajo

    hi everybody!i really wanna know how much the price of new ipod touch 4G, so if any friend know please tell me by mail to me :
    Thanks before hand!

  • Ajo

    i really want to know how much new ipod touch 4 look like, usefull and the price of it. can any friend tell me about the price! if u know please tell me or conntect by my email Thanks before hand!

  • Stat

    Anybody have a clue what the Ipod Touch 4 Looks Like? Does it look like an Iphone or is it similar but with a Chrome back like usual?

  • iTouch

    I hate the iPhone an love my iTouch. I like having the apps. And Android has a far better phone! I would really like having the rear camera on my iTouch.

  • Dugger

    I've been checking out all the demo's I can find on Zune HD and iPod Touch. App's seem to be the draw to iPod, but Zune has a better picture and construction. I will buy something soon, and if the camera is a go, it'll be the iPod.

  • N7

    You guys are expecting too much from rumors. Better to wait til they actually announce the specs Sept 1. The front camera is a given but the other features are still rumored. If Apple makes the iPod as good as the iPhone 4 then theyll lose a lot of sales. If they do add the rear camera and all the iPhone parts then expect at least 300$ or even more as they have to get the lost iPhone 4 revenue somewhere.

  • iPod 4

    Of course i'm getting it! The reasons:
    back facing camera
    longer battery life
    front facing camera w/facetime
    A4 chip
    retina display
    If one of these features dont end up happening i will still get it
    PS. one more thing that i really want but probably wont happen:
    3G (as in AT&T 3G not 3rd gen)
    and does anybody think that there is any connection between the new iPod and the fact that apple recently made a deal with a company called LiquedMetal (or something like that)?

  • goozimoozie

    goozie moozie

    • yaya


  • Joe Heine

    I have had an iPod Touch (2nd gen) for just under 2 years and actually purchased my first iPhone last month because I loved the iPod Touch so much. I plan on selling my iPod Touch so I can buy my daughter a new iPod Touch, as long as the rumors are true about being able to facetime with it. My daughter fell in love with my iPod Touch this summer and has stated that is what she wants for Christmas this year. Don't really care about a white iPhone since I have a black one.

  • warbirdlove2k10

    No mention of a single flash? Interesting.

    • replyer5

      they will just come out with the one with a flash in about 6 months , then everybody will buy the new one even if they have this one. so i would wait and get the one that will come out in about 6 months

  • yesssssss

    i cant wait fr the new touch on wed. it better have dual cameras,mic., andagyroscope
    also hp fr retina display, a4 chip, gps and longer battery life for a price of 200-250 $ fr a 16 gb ( cut the 8gb out) jus cant wait . 4 more days

  • Upgrade

    Why would you even ask such a stupid question…"would you upgrade and why?" Pfft Both me and my brother sold our IPod Touch's to get the IPod Touch 4 and why you ask? The Camera!

    • BlazeRob

      you would feel like you were screwed if it didn't come with a camera wouldn't you?

    • ftaz

      does your name start with an "M" i think i know who this is just want to make sure lol

  • Stevesak

    Today, my touch does the following for me….

    Book reader

    Video player

    Game player

    Internet surfing

    Music player

    Email client


    Weather checker

    Etc… The list goes on and on.

    Would love dual cameras and a mic, A4, GPS & retina display.

    Then it could also be my….

    Camcorder and video editor

    Digital camera

    Video phone (on wifi)

    Street navigator

    Hiking gps.

    Isn’t this a no-brainer?

    What a wonderful world we live in where all this is possible!

    • Chance

      how r u getting gps btw?

  • Iman

    I can’t wait to get the new touch if it has all the goodies that the rumors are talking about. Facetime on the iPhone only works over wifi so the touch I would think would do the same so no phone or data plan would be needed for the new itouch. I would think apple would be sure to not get too close to making this like a phone for sales reasons with the iPhone. Iguess we’ll know soon.

  • joo

    As much as I want the new iPod Touch (if it has the two cameras, mic, and facetime), my current iPod Touch (2nd gen) is working perfectly fine. I have a digital camera and low res cameras on my cell phones, so although having another one with better resolution than the phones (though not as good as the digicam) would be nice, it's a bit of unnecessary overkill for me at the moment.

  • iTouch

    Will definitely upgrade from my iTouch 3g

  • dtoff

    I'm looking forward to the new itouch on wed. I will for sure be upgrading my first gen, seeing as it runs very slowly, and the battery life is getting very short lately. A camera, and a4 processor would be nice 😀 (I wouldn't really care about facetime since it wouldn't be something i'd use very often)

    • sadfbhaerh

      What's FaceTime?

  • oneill

    cant wait for ipod touch 4!!!

  • asdewq

    nvm, i mesread your comment.

  • joeluggage

    I will be certainly upgrading from my iPod touch 2G to the iPod touch 4. There are many reasons that I will upgrade: The most important, a back camera, A faster processor (A4 I hope), better battery life (since my current iPod lasts less than a hour) And a gyroscope. I am much anticipating the Apple event on Wednesday!!!

    • Just Some Guy

      They are using the A4 processor in the new iPod. You're in luck 🙂

  • Seung

    I have 1st gen and need to be upgraded because some of apps are not compatible with 1st gen iPod Touches. 52 days until the replacement

  • iPodTouch2ndGen

    There are many places where a camera or camera phone are BANNED! I do not want the camera feature. Without a camera, I can thus take my iPod Touch into such areas without issue.

    • asdewq

      if you're not allowed to take a camera in those areas, then it's probably best that you don't. why would you break the rules?

    • dtoff

      dude thats not an issue for most people. If you don't like the camera just cover it with tape or something. Its a feature that almost everyone is anticipating.

    • Chance

      Dude, just do bring it then, or dont use the camera and u will be fine. common sense

    • hughesypf

      what places don't allow cameras? i've never been in a place where cameras are banned.
      there might be signs saying don't use then camera, so just just don't use it and keep it in your pocket

  • blarson

    would you suggest upgrading from an ipod nano 3rd gen haha, cant wait for the new touch.

    • joeluggage

      r u kidding?!! haha the ipod touch 4 will b waaaaaaaaay better than the ipod nano 3G haha

      • hahaha, I also have the ipod nano 3rd generation haha, I WANT THAT IPOD TOUCH!! aargh I wanna know when it comes!

  • pauljohnson

    I want a touch WITH 3 g connectivity. There are thousands of folks who have a phone provided by their company and don't need a phone but want connectivity…gps, email etc….

    • Dan

      Are you stupid?
      iPod Touch will work with Wi-Fi connectivity and Wi-Fi connectivity only. If it were to have 3G it would be an iPhone. This would drastically put sales off the current iPhone 4 which uses 3G.
      Learn some more before making an irrelevant comment. Or are you blind?
      Want 3G? Get an iPhone.

      Otherwise use Wi-Fi (if you know what it is, which is kinda doubtful) for your Mail, and it can help with directions, too. (Google Maps) There are plenty of Wi-Fi Hot Spots.

      As for the GPS that does need 3G, you can buy just individual ones, you don't need an Apple device.

      • Steve

        No, if it were to have 3G it would be an iPod with 3G. Just like the iPad with 3G, only more justifiable because it's a device you are expected to carry everywhere.

        There are still plenty of ways Apple can differentiate the iPhone. And unless you have insider information into the exact business agreement between Apple and AT&T, you have no way of know whether an iPod that cannibalizes iPhone sales will be in Apple's interest or not. Seeing that the exclusive partnership with AT&T is about to end, I'm guessing it will be easy for Apple to set an iPod 3G price-point that generates just as much revenue as an iPhone. Plus they'd be able to target a far larger target customer base.