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Gran Turismo 5: Performance and Storage Problems Expected

When it comes to hard drive installs on the PS3, this can often cause an issue for gamers, as freeing up valuable storage space can become a pain. The reason why I decided to mention this issue again is because Gran Turismo 5 offers an optional hard drive install.

Just Push Start reports that Kazunori Yamauchi, announced that the PlayStation 3 racing sim will require 10GB of free storage for install or 256MB to just run the game – although there is a downside to that.

For those who are unable to fully install Gran Turismo 5 to the hard drive will not get the full benefit from the game, as performance and overall smoothness will be compromised. My advice it to have a look around and start deleting anything that is not longer needed.

We just hope the game is worth the wait, but looking at all the recent trailers like Kart mode, the game just looks something else. What will you sacrifice on your hard drive for the 10GB install?



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