Final Fantasy XIV: XP Capped After 8 Hours – Is this right?

By Alan Ng - Aug 28, 2010

We have some worrying news for those of you planning to pick up Final Fantasy XIV on either the PC or PS3, as Square-Enix has confirmed that they will be capping XP growth after eight hours of continuous play, to keep the game fair for others.

As reported from Eurogamer, the controversial move has been set up in order to balance the game for those people who don’t have enough time to play as others do.

The system will follow as this: After eight hours of continuous play, players will stop receiving XP and Skill points at the speed they normally would. If a player continues to play for 15 hours in a single week, then XP growth and skill points will be shut off completely, until the next week starts.

It seems very harsh on the hardcore Final Fantasy players who want to level up their character so they have an advantage over others – what is the problem with that? It is up to the player on the amount of time they spend playing the game, so why should Square-Enix have an input in that?

What are your thoughts on this revelation? Are you happy that XP will be capped after eight hours? Don’t forget that the open beta is due to start for PC owners soon.

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  • squarenixsuckssucks

    Ha ha ha, I guess Square-Enix is being more proactive than the money-grubbing whores of the west, actually encouraging their players to do something more productive in reality, like say, getting a job?

  • squareenixsucks

    I agree it is bullsh*t, we pay for our time let us do what we want with our paid time, this is the biggest sh*t scam I have ever heard of, there excuses are mental to, as it is not a pvp game, low lvls will lvl with low lvls and high lvls with high lvls, your cap does sh*t except make ppl pay more as if we don't pay enough in our day to day living

  • Buck Futter

    I think this is just a psychological experiment and most everyone is failing <.<

  • PJT

    i was going to go pick the game up tomorrow until ,and thank goodness i came across a post about this cap saved me 50 bucks. I pay a monthly sub. to play when i want which with my work some weeks is not at all other weeks i have alot of time which if ' I ' choose to play longer it is my choice game looked great SE but thanks but no thanks i dont need you telling me how much i can play this week .

  • mkc

    This really is ridiculous! If im buying a game AND paying monthly to play it, what right do SE have to tell me how long i can play it for? I thought after paying £40 for the game then, what, £12 each month you've actually bought it, not renting it! only being able to play 15hours a week playing the game in the style you want! However long people play a game for is their business!

    They're claiming they're making the game fairer for people who dont get much time, but all its actually doing is punishing people who make time to play and enjoy it. There was never anyone complaining in FFIX that everyone was too high level.. because as you progress in level, players move to a different area. Also the game isnt a competition between players, they work together. Plus due to the new point assignment system, players will probably need more than one character (which in the last game they did anyway) to play different classes, so there will always be enough people at lower levels.

  • Sin

    now it really sucks ass if its only 15 hour per week instead of per job…

    Who the fuck is gonna pay money for something you cant use totally full time..this game will be the biggest joke in history and i think people wont play it at all until the remove the lvl restriction why the fuck should we who have time be punished by square because other peoples dont have time to play or priorise other things as more important…

    its like you go to the doctor and pay money and get sick twice in a week and the doctor says no you cant get help you already been here there are others who needs to be cured you reply but i pay it doesnt matter….not exactly the same but you get my picture dont you??

  • Ace

    For all you wondering about the 8hr cap, it is not per job for i have tried to switch my job by changing my weapon and i am not allowed to do that, nor am i allowed to do anything resulting in xp, so the 15hrs a week is true

  • wtf noobs

    Read wiki. FF XIV is skill based. The xp cap is for the rank. Kinda like how players rank up in Monster Hunter.

    Instead of thinking XP, think of it as points towards the next rank. Ranks prob wont increase a single stat skill but allows accessibility towards higher missions.

  • Brendan-Z

    This is more so a breaking point for me then anything else. I was extremely hyped about this game for the longest time then it seems that at the last second this rule was shivved in there. Now I just don't want anything to do with it, and would much rather play a game of which allows me to play my money's worth, AKA WoW. I'm really not going to pay 15+ dollars a month to just play a game 2-3 sessions (days) a week, then maybe 2 more sessions at reduced experience gain. This idea is a bit more then slightly retarded and it'd make me a happy camper if it were to be scrapped before final release. A game is only as good as its weakest link, as can be said about many things.

  • FXMorph

    And then once Square has a server full of levelcaps, are they gonna remove the debuff for the constant stream of newbie players trying the game? Or are they happy with lowbies getting pwned all the time becuase of play restrictions?

    People should learn that playing an MMO, you will get pwned one time or another. Just let ppl do their own thing, it more fun than trying to do croud control from a developer's chair… that's why we have tanks.

    • Zachel

      The thing is…'s not like WoW and there is no real PvP in Final Fantasy XIV or even XI.

      The restriction actually limits you to the content since story missions are only unlocked after reaching certain levels.

  • Big Brother

    I think its great. There are enough idiots that can't control themselves living their fat lives in front of their computer screens. All MMO should have hard playtime caps. People don't know how to make informed decisions and they have no personal control. These things need to be handled for them.

    • Zachel

      Obvious Troll is obvious……

      Next time if you want to start something don't name yourself "Big Brother".

    • Marx

      You ever read Brave New World? you would like the World State i guess.

  • James

    Not sure why ppl are getting mad over this and actually canceling there pre order. First off this is just the first draft of this system,and while It seems like its here to stay it wont be stuck this way forever. the way its setup now could be nothing like the way it could be when it actually launches. from my understanding is the feedback isnt good so far so SE will most likely tweak it to give players more time. Besides from what I heard is that are more classes planed but wont be realeasd for sometime after launch in either a patch or update and once a expansion is released I see them extending the cap even more. and lastly as long as it doesnt prevent u from doin other stuff theres so much more to do then lvl up like farming or crafting or exploring or as I called it in ff11 wandering around aimlessly while talking with my linkshell. So as long as it doesnt psychically kick u out of the game and prevent u from getting back on until the cool down is over then I dont see why ppl are making a big fuss about this,

  • Chris

    I could be wrong here but I believe that this is 8/hr per class. So it is not simply 15 hours and your done for the week, it is 15 hours in one class and your done with that class for the week. Again this is just what I have read, but you should then be able to change your class and continue leveling as normal until you hit the next 8/hr cap. If anyone has hard fact stating otherwise please post a link to this information.

    • James

      wish I could help u clear it but yea Ive heard it both ways at first I heard it only effects one job and switching over to a new class wont carry over but now Im hearing it does and now hearing theres a character lvl cap aswell so im just as confused as everyone else now,but my opinion is theres much more to due then lvling up so as long as it doesnt actually kick u out of the game and lock u out for the cool off period then I can still find something to due untill I can lvl up again

  • erik

    i don't see why people are getting sooooo mad about this, so what if it will take you an extra month or two to get to level cap. once you hit the level cap you can play as much as you want cause you wont give a crap about exp anymore

    • Zachel

      The reason people are getting mad is because if it takes an extra month or two that is an extra 30 bucks that has been pulled from there pocket.

      The issue isn't actually about weather or not you can hit the level cap in a day/week/month the issue is that the developers are restricting your play-time when you are paying a monthly fee to have access to their game.

  • Will

    Could you technically stop playing at 7hrs 59 minute and restart to keep getting xp (until the 15 hour cap)?

  • Chris

    I think it is a bunch of crap. If someone wants to play a game they pay a monthly fee to play then they should have unlimited access. After reading this I WILL be cancelling my preorder. This is not the way to operate an MMO. Other games give exp bonuses to people who play less and that should be done here.

  • I suspect this is a move designed to help circumvent the laws set in some countries about online games and play periods.

    If there is no "reward" for extended periods of play, yet people can still play socially, it will most likely be allowed to operate unrestricted.

    • Morbiuss

      you guys are being absolute babies about this whole xp cap thing….the xp cap ONLY APPLIES to one particular job, it does NOT limit your playtime in any way shape or form, all you have to do is when you get close to 8 hours…>>BINGO switch jobs duh and the 8 hour timer rests do that for another 8 hours and then……you got it SWITCH AGAIN to another job the only ppl who are crying about it are ppl who dont know any better

      • Bigslim2055

        For your information morbiuss you should maybe look up other information on this situation. Your Skill points can refresh by switching jobs but your experience points DO NOT. The only people happy about this it seems are the people who dont play very often. They say competitive edge which I could see being a problem if it was a pvp game but with it not really being one all i see is SE making a ploy just to make more money. I presume the end game just must not be satisfactory and they know this. Why should the hardcore players be penalized for just wanting to play the game as much as they want. I also could see if this game was free to play. Then they can make what rules they want. But your gonna tell me im going to pay 15 a month and you can tell me how much I can level. Seems like western programmers know what they are doing ex. Blizzard while the japanese are stuck in idiot mode. Id like to hear others opinions whether you would like to bash me or agree with me. Thanks for your time and morbiuss do your homework next time

        • Joshua

          I haven't played either of the FF's online, but I am a huge FF fan and I play WoW. I have to agree with you even though I don't see that this would affect me all that much.