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Final Fantasy XIV: Open Beta Release Date and US Start Time

We have some good news for those of you planning to participate in the open beta of Final Fantasy XIV on the PC, as Square-Enix has just confirmed a release date and start time for when the servers will be going live.

As reported from Joystiq, we can confirm that the open beta for FFXIV will be commencing on Tuesday August 31st. According to Square-Enix, the servers will be up at 7pm Pacific Time.

For those of you who were unable to get into the closed beta, you have a much better chance this time around. Mind you, the full game is out September 30th, so we imagine you’ll only get a week or so to sample the game, before SE make any last-minute changes before release.

Joystiq also state that only a certain amount of users will be able to log into the beta at any time. This is so Square-Enix can manage their server loads, but they have said that they will be working to allow more people into the game gradually.

Do you have access to the beta? Let us know your thoughts on this – don’t forget the news about XP being capped here.



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