Apple Rumors 2010: iTV and TV-Based Video Calls

Apple Rumors in 2010 have been vast, and the latest includes a new iPod Touch 4G, iTV, and the continued wait for a White iPhone 4. Apple has a special press event on September 1, and a new Apple TV for 2010 (iTV) is at the top of everyone’s rumor list.

The UK market could have trademark issues thanks to the popular iTV channel, and if Apple’s iTV becomes reality then it will need to take some market share from cable / satellite, but what will it need to make this possible?

Gigaom believe TV-based video calls could be the answer to make “iTV” a success, which is much more than just TV show rentals for 99-cents. It’s Gigaom’s view that Apple’s new 2010 TV device could become a hobby if it doesn’t have something extra.

We would love to see apps optimized for TV, and some nice price bundles to make buying on Apple TV that little bit more attractive. The big feature would be “FaceTime” on Apple TV; this could make TV-based video calls in fashion and knowing Apple’s track record, they could start a big movement if it becomes affordable.

Gigaom predicts that TV-based video calling will increase from half a million today to 2.7 billion TV-based video calls in 2015; you can read more about their predictions in this article.

Would you use TV video calling more with the right device?


  • The new Apple iTV will change the way we know personal computing today. In the future our personal computers will be hosted in the cloud, and accessed from devices like smart phone, iPad, iTV and so on. I recently wrote a blog post about it on my blog


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