Apple iTV (TV) and UK Trademark Issue

We have mentioned on several occasions that Apple is to hold a special media event on September 1st, 2010, but as for what Steve Jobs and the team will be talking about – all we have is speculation. Going on recent events in that month, then a new iPod Touch is a good bet, but a new Apple TV has also been talked about. We recently learned that there could be a name change to iTV, but this has now caused a trademark issue in the UK.

For those of you who do not know, ITV is a name of a TV station in the UK, and according to an article on Pocket-lint there could be a battle. Mike Large from ITV was not prepared to get drawn into something that does not currently exist, but we can tell that they will defend the trademark if it came down to it.

Stuart Miles from Pocket-lint does suggest that Apple could use iTV in all other countries and stick with the current name of Apple TV in the UK. This does seem strange to me, not sure if the Cupertino based company would want different names for the same device?

However, we already know that this works for other companies, the original Motorola Droid was called the Milestone in the UK. I just do not know if it will work for Apple and its business model, do you think that there will be two different names for the device?


  • lokienloki

    Still, it is not worth buying if we'll pay for a movie and can't save it at all. iTV Early Impression

  • lb.stephens

    I have heard several other names are being floated, the short list including AppleTV2, iTeev, iDef, iTube, iSet, iCast, iBox.


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