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Angry Birds HD iPad Update: Version 1.4.1 Features

The Angry Birds update for the iPhone has been available for over a month now, but those with an iPad were left out. However we can now tell you that Angry Birds HD has now been updated to version 1.4.1. Now dishing out revenge on those pigs will be even better.

There are a number of new features in this update, including 15 reconstructed levels, new achievements and a golden egg. Now the fun with be even more exciting, which makes it even harder to put your iPad down. Check out this Golden Eggs walkthrough.

Who would have thought that Angry Bird would become so popular, there is even talk of a movie being made. However, we did discuss that maybe a games console version of the app would be the first logical step, or even a simultaneous release.

The update was made available on August 27th, and for those who have yet to download the app it will cost just $4.99. Angry Birds HD version 1.4.1 is a 17.8MB download, so make certain that you have enough battery life, as you will be playing from the moment the update has installed. More details on iTunes.



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