White iPhone 4 or New iPod Touch 4G: What do you want more?

By Alan Ng - Aug 27, 2010

As most of you are well aware by now, Apple will be holding a special media event on September 1st. They are widely expected to unveil the brand new iPod Touch 4G, but they also might give details on the highly anticipated white version of the iPhone 4.

The big question is though – what would you prefer more? The White iPhone 4 has turned into a highly sought after and elusive item ever since it was unavailable on iPhone 4 launch day. We still have had no official release update on the white version from Apple, as speculation continues that they are having serious manufacturing issues.

What about the new iPod Touch? It is now the 4th-generation model and consumers are really excited about this one, since it will be Apple’s first iPod with support for a front-facing camera. That means of course, that you’ll be able to enjoy Facetime video calls with your friends, on a device that is meant solely for music.

Just moments ago, we informed you about the iPod Touch 4G cases that are already available in China, so it is looking likely that Apple’s media event next week will be something special indeed.

Are you planning to buy either products? Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • Zzzzz

    I WANT IPOD there are another sites say many good things about ipod 4g they say its the son of iphone but this site is crap

  • Adil

    FaceTime is free cause it uses wifi not 3G

  • Mo

    U know I’m actually writing from my itouch 4 and gotta say compared to the iPhone it can do everything like it except for phone except the I touch does all those things better

  • John

    @Luke, trust me people will still buy the iPhone 4. When you think about, the majority of people buy the iPhone 4 just for the fact that they can say they have one.

  • I will be getting the new iPod touch but am still not sure because if they add a FaceTime camera on the front the sales for the iPhone 4 will drop because everyone will by the ipod touch and use FaceTime with no monthly contract !! CHECK OUT MY SITE FOR LIVE UPDATES ABOUT THE IPOD TOUCH 4g

  • Stevesak

    Is this really a serious question?

    Hmmm. Let’s see… Do I want a new invention, or the old invention again, but in a brand new color? Seriously?

    Here’s a follow up question. Would you rather see an iPod touch G5 in 2011, or the iPhone in a brand new color like mauve or toupe?

  • ken

    we can wait for the white iphone but we waant the new itouch! lets go apple

    • lokienloki

      The main reason why this delay is happening is because apple is making sure that when the white version arrive. It won't have any antennagate issue. White iPhone 4 Impressions