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Weatherproof TVs For Football Season: SunBriteTV

When it comes to the start of the football season you cannot beat sitting outside with a bunch of friends and the smell of a medium-rare steak cooking on the grill, but choosing the right Weatherproof TVs can often be tough. There are so many on the market that all do the same job, so we thought we would take a look at SunBriteTV.

When you visit the website you are asked an hyperfetical question, “Why should you choose a SunBriteTV? Looking at the answers it truly does look like the perfect TV to put in your backyard, but how good are they?

All their weatherproof TVs come with an enclosure that helps to protect all of the internal components from rain, insects etc. The TV range also has a unique design to keep things cool for when it gets hot outside.

The SunBriteTVs come in three sizes, 23-inch, 32-inch, 46-inch, and 55-inch all with a number of each models in each size range. Prizes start from $1995.00 and go up to $7195.00 – so you certainly have to be committed to watching football. For details on each model visit Backyardstuff.



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