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Verizon iPhone: Qualcomm’s Secret Project

We have more news on the CDMA-compatible version of the iPhone 4, a device which is still heavily rumored to be landing on Verizon in January next year. It has been reported that Qualcomm posted a job listing for a iPhone Developer, to work on a ‘secret project’.

According to this report from Apple Insider, Qualcomm are the company which is thought to be designing the CDMA chip for Verizon’s iPhone and it looks like they were seeking an iPhone developer expert for help on this.

A job listing posted last month, has since been removed and included the following details: “The iPhone has no secret for you? “Well, that’s what you think… join us and develop the most challenging product of your life!”

Could this be the strongest hint that a Verizon iPhone is finally coming to market, or are we reading too much into Qualcomm’s listing? I’m not sure about you, but ‘most challenging product of your life’ seems pretty interesting to me.

Give us your thoughts on this – full story over at AI.



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