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N900 Android Port Almost Ready: Will you stick with Maemo?

The idea of an Android port for Nokia N900 allowing you to make calls is something that NITDroid has been working on for some time now, and it looks as though the project is almost ready. This is certainly great news and looks as though it that stands a chance of beating the N9 to market. The N900 was recently seen showing off Face Verification.

If you look at the video below you will see that NITDroid has managed to make and receive calls on the Android port for Nokia N900. You can also see how far the team has got with the cellular data side of things as well.

The idea of an Android port for the N900 is one that has been in the planning stages for a while now, and users have been waiting to get their hands on it. However, Chris Ziegler from Engadget has an interesting question “Are you jumping ship or sticking with Maemo?”

The comments that this question got were interesting, but the consensus seems to be that people would rather stick with Maemo, but what about you?



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