N900 Android Port Almost Ready: Will you stick with Maemo?

By Peter Chubb - Aug 27, 2010

The idea of an Android port for Nokia N900 allowing you to make calls is something that NITDroid has been working on for some time now, and it looks as though the project is almost ready. This is certainly great news and looks as though it that stands a chance of beating the N9 to market. The N900 was recently seen showing off Face Verification.

If you look at the video below you will see that NITDroid has managed to make and receive calls on the Android port for Nokia N900. You can also see how far the team has got with the cellular data side of things as well.

The idea of an Android port for the N900 is one that has been in the planning stages for a while now, and users have been waiting to get their hands on it. However, Chris Ziegler from Engadget has an interesting question “Are you jumping ship or sticking with Maemo?”

The comments that this question got were interesting, but the consensus seems to be that people would rather stick with Maemo, but what about you?

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  • Alan

    The N900 is a great little computer with Maemo, but as a phone it sucks! No voice commands so it won't work hands free with my BlueAnt in the car. By the time it's finished swapping from portrait to landscape and back several times the call has gone to voicemail. On the other hand it's great for e-mail and browsing and the multi tasking works really well.


    life would have been easier for maemo if it was supported well as a mainstram… Nokia is europeanistically constipated… we indians rate that company as most trusted brand for 10 years in a row but they never gave enough ears to Indian voices/concerns… whats the point of having half an hour long feedback invites if they dont even care to read/ reward it?
    everything looks fine about N900. but sometimes you desperately wixh for portrait modes with ypur whole life!!! and what about the non availability of fring? this phone still needs GYRO, CAPACITIVE TOUCH SCREEN!, BLACKBERRY KEYBOARD LAYOUT!!!, LOSE FAT, OS TWEAKS, FRING, PROTECTIVE SILICONE TOO!!! ALL UNICODE LANGUAGE SUPPORT… AND PORTRAIT MODE TOO… DLNA TOOO… UNSCRATCHABLE SCREEN TOO… BETTER BROWSER TWEAKS OR OPERA NON BETA AS THE DEFAULT WITH FLASH BROWSER…

  • andy

    maemo will sink…so there is a need to jump of the ship don’t ya think…maemo is a good os but the applications are so limited!!! nokia really doesn’t care about its customers s!! next time they come up with a new os..we will have to wait and watch re how much effort are they really trying !!! i mean maemo is not new..there have been maemo 4 no n8XX… look at the apps they got..the superphone gets apps like an 8 bit progs !!!

  • mark

    I am using a dual boot now and NITdroid is much bettwer that Maemo, even in its partially functional state. Thank for all your hard work on this NITdroid is making the N900 a usable device.

  • Dinesh

    I will like to swithc to Android. Before the lastest update from Maemo, N900 use to suck very badly. I use to use the touch screen and it was not that responsive, I use to prefer fingure over stylus. Also something as basic as dictionary is hard to install on Maemo, there are 2 dictionaries available but it gave me hardtime and still never got installed. (I wonder how non tech users will get it installed).

    Android on the other hand rocks on many mobile set. Why cannot Nokia use on Andriod instead, tried and tested. Plus I am google fan.

  • venusrising

    I love the N900 but would switch to Android instead of Maemo for lack of apps and shitty support and no Flash either. It would add new life to a great phone that seems to be screwed by Nokia.

  • Christen

    i think that this is good cos my friend gg said n900 doesnt have any apps since it came out but i think it does and there is more apps but not more apps than apple lol cos apple has more apps than it because of windows 7?
    n900 is having mego and that is andoird and windows and better than apple :), my friend told me he works in nokia shop in bluewater
    gg has n900 but he doesnt like it anymore and he says things about it which make me angry but n900 even works in other countries cos i went to bratislava in france with my friend fran who wears gloves and it worked when i was tehre and there was a place you are allowed to shoot guns even 🙂
    you cant do that in other places i think and my n900 worked nicely and i texted my friend gg from france and told him that the phone works and he didnt believe me cos he said i didnt tell him i was going away so he thought i was still here lol but i wasnt and i was proving that the n900 is good all over the world 🙂
    my friend fran who wears gloves saw it and he said its good as well even though he doesnt like phones
    so n900 is the best!
    christen 🙂

    • paul

      whats with the gloves

    • Mavil

      I had a great time reading your comment xD… seriously, what's with the gloves ? xD

  • drew

    maemo sucks ass this is the only reason devs want to port android to it. Maemo just plain sucks…nokia wtf were you thinking?

    HTC hd2 to n900…worst mistake I've ever made trading phones.

    • Sumoboss

      Kidding right? I have to suffer a hd2 with my work, I'm looking n this forum coz I want my n900 back. I've even flashed the hd2 with android so I dont have to put up with win 6.5 anymore.

  • swapnil

    plz tell me how to instal it in nokia n900,,,..i love anroid becoz it has many application with quality on anroid market as compare to maemo …….plz tell me help i m crazy about anroid to run in nokia n900!
    my email- swapnil_89rock@yahoo.com

    • João motta

      Hi man, did you get success on install android on n900 ? if positive, can you send the procedure to me ? joaofelipe.motta@gmail.com

  • LEON


  • Anthony

    Will also be using dual boot until the nitdroid install is rock solid for data and voice.

  • EnasLogos

    I love Maemo, the only reason I'd have NITDroid on a dual boot would be for Flash 10.1. If someone can port this to MicroB, I'll stick with Maemo.

  • Michael

    I'd rather use dual boot, cause both OS have things I dont want to miss. E.g. for Android there's a lot more apps, but for maemo there's a lot more possibilities like fcam etc.