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iPad iOS 4 Release Date at Apple Event

The Apple media event is to be held next Wednesday, September 1, 2010 and most would agree that it could be all about the new iPod Touch. However, we seem to have missed something – could we actually see the download or even a release date for the iPad to iOS 4?

The update has been available for the iPhone for just over two months now, and iPad owners are getting sick of waiting – just like Droid Incredible owners were waiting for the Android 2.2 update, which is finally available.

Apple did say that iOS 4 for the iPad would be coming later this year, well it is now later this year and the media event seems like the perfect platform to announce something.

Do you think that we will see the iPad update to iOS 4, or will the event be centered on the iPod Touch and iTunes?


  • Hubenwafle

    I need the fucking update right now before I kill somebody

  • Andaryas

    I want Arabic/Persian/Hebrew keyboard just like my iPhone 3G.

    • Umm K


  • gooddy98

    i can't wait for it! I just got my ipad and I love it more then the phone, it just needs 3 things. 1. more apps (not these ported apps from iphone) 2. Folders would be nice 3. multitasking for things like Pandora and facebook apps!

  • Leon

    i didn't mean to give snooki's comment a thumbs up. it was an accident. for the record. do not do it. i repeat. do not do it.

  • Snookie

    I don't know what I'll do until I get the update! Maybe slash my wrists?

    • Guest

      there's an app for that – you just can't find it

  • Chris

    I own a iPad and an iPhone 4, I got 3 pages on my phone and 10 on my iPad I need folders

  • Totalamnesia

    I NEED Folders and Multi-tasking for my iPad… Like RIGHT NOW!!! Arrgghh!!

  • ahmed hamed

    Well I hope It is about the ios4 update for the iPad I'm very sick of waiting for it, i mean my god my iPhone 4 has it so why deosnt my iPad have it yet ahhhh


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