Final Fantasy Versus XIII: New PS3 Trailer at Tokyo Games Show 2010

By Alan Ng - Aug 27, 2010

After informing you about a potential PS3 release date delay for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, we do have some good news this time. Square-Enix has confirmed that new footage of the game will be shown at the Toyko Games Show this year.

As reported from VG247, director for the game Tetsuya Nomura has posted a message on Twitter, confirming that Final Fantasy Versus XIII will indeed get a showing at the event due to kick off September 16th.

Before you get excited though, you should take note that the showing will only be a ‘brief’ last-minute one, according to Square-Enix. So brief, that they will be combining footage along with new content for Final Fantasy Agito XIII, into one compact package for TGS.

We can’t grumble though, anything is better than nothing. Hopefully the footage shown will be really good, otherwise it will just be a letdown. We’re still getting over the fact that the game might not be out until 2012 – read up on that here.

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  • sasukesanemo

    Some footage is better than nothing.A PS3 exclusive,and Xbox owners are whining.We didn't whine about any of your exclusives,so can it.

  • CAE

    i hope the new footage will include some gameplay, even if its super small, i just need some footage of gameplay so i can make my final decision about the game.Other than that it looks awesome

  • Jashby

    I don't really care when it comes out as long as they don't f@4K us over like they did with 13 and make it for xbox and gimp our version

    • Kris

      They didn't gimp the PS3 version, if that's what you meant. If you meant they gimped the 360 version, well, how's it feel? We've recieved inferior ports on a LOT of multi-console release games. Feels nice, doesn't it?

  • Mark

    ^^ They probably will let us down if they rush it and release it to soon.

  • Brianna

    New footage is better than nothing I suppose…but I still can't wait for this game to come out.

  • Jamaicandj

    hope it comes out mid 2011 cmon square enix don't let us down