Droid HTC Incredible Android 2.2 Froyo Update Available: Verizon Twitter

By Peter Chubb - Aug 27, 2010

Earlier today Alan Ng reported that the Android 2.2 Froyo update for the Droid HTC Incredible would begin today. Users have been waiting anxiously for the OTA to begin, but so far nothing. However, I thought that I would keep checking the Verizon Wireless Twitter page and there is now a message that reads, “The update is now available.”

We are now waiting for Droid Incredible users to confirm this, but it has to be true if it has appeared on the official Twitter page of Verizon. The update is long overdue and there were rumors that it would take place last week, but that came and went.

So what makes this 2.2 Froyo update so special that people have been getting in a panic waiting for the download to begin? We already know from previous reports that performance is increased dramatically, as well as Adobe Flash Player 10.1 for Android.

However, two of the most wanted features are the improvement to battery life and the automatic update for apps. Have you got the download yet?

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  • JimC

    I have all the mentioned problems and more. I have talked with VZ Customer Support with no success. I emailed a detailed description of the problems to the Customer Support address and got a response. They say it sounds like the software is corrupt and that I will need to do a hard reset which of course will mean a loss of data if not saved and a loss of all free apps which will need to be reinstalled. I am expecting a couple important phone calls on Friday so I will wait until Saturday to follow their step by step directions for a hard reset and cross my fingers.

  • TamL

    I think the phone seems slower and my battery life is much worse since the upgrade. WTH!!

  • Dyce

    Got 2.2 and I am pissed! So far, I can't check or send text msgs in the normal manner becuz I get an error saying the phone 'can't manage messages because my storage is full'. I have to use Handcent SMS, and even it crashes after a while. A bunch of apps "stopped working unexpectedly", even ones that I didn't know were running. How do they test these things? I want to go into Verizon and see if they can revert me back to 2.1. Has anyone tried this?

  • Maverick

    The 2.2 release is a disappointment. My phone which worked so well on the 2,1 OS, now has started acting up ever since the 2.2 upgrade last night.

    – Apps such as Skype and VZW navigator keep re launching themselves silently in the background every few minutes.
    – Skype s the worst offender in terms of an active app. just cant kill or reinstall the app. It keeps re lauching silently in the background
    – the worst problem : the phone heats up randomly and has started to drain battery when using the phone for video playback or any other network intensive operation

    Overall, i give a thumbs down to the upgrade. Wish i could roll back to 2.1 till these issues are resolved

    • Maverick

      One more thing…i feel the ability of the device to latch on and stay connected to a particluar network has also degraded. On 2.1 i would get a steady 1 bar of 3G coverage (not the best) but the data flow was good. Now in the same spot i get a degraded 1X network and of course the data transfer crawls because i am in 1X

  • Clare

    Got it and my phone will no longer send emails….spent hours on the phone with Verizon, only to have to do a hard reset on my phone. Still doesn't work right. This morning also realized that my ringtones will no longer set as notifications. You can take the update back as far as I'm concerned!

  • Jan

    My incredible update came through this morning. I am a new user, so just trying to figure out what changed. I am especially looking for battery life updates.

  • JimC

    Was notified of the update on my cell this morning. Have not had it long enough to make a determinations other than I already don't like the fact that their favorite apps seem to no longer obey Advanced Apps Killer and remain open or if they close then they open again within seconds.

  • Anonymous

    I have seen 2 phones personally that have updated and played with a few flash sites on them since one of my favorite radio stations plays there live stream through flash and it worked perfectly. I am now patiently waiting for my DIC to update so I can start listening while I’m at work. Be patien folks, it’s coming and great things come to those who wait….. Va Beach VA

    • Alan

      Nothing in Charleston, WV yet either — firmware is still "2.1 – update1" … hoping that the September 1 rumor is true!

      • Ray

        I have the 2.2 update but neitherthe Adobe flash 10.1 or the Froyo mine came on Sept 1

  • Jarrett

    Nothing yet here – 8/29/2010 7:12PM EDT – Atlanta.

  • Peter

    Nothing yet. 8/29/10 05:00 am. Pacific time ( california)

  • sal

    Nothing yet…. 8/29/10 12:35 am. Eastern time new jersey.

  • ryan

    i just got it at 12:53 eastern time

    • Peter

      You realy got the FroYo ???

  • Ladodger16

    I have yet to receive anything and i'm starting to get fustrated I been waiting all day and still nothing I dont know why Verizon is is available nothing is happening Im starting to very diasppointed with Verizon

  • Jason

    "A watched pot never boils." It'll be weeks before the update reaches everyone. Relax.

  • J J

    Nothing as of 9:15 Pacific time. I hear its being released in "batches" though so it might take awhile to reach everyone.

  • John

    A follow up to my comment…

    • sal

      Link doesnt work. What is the rest of it after inctedible

  • John

    Nothing yet…but high hopes this time around, since the VZW support page has the details of the update posted in PDF format, and the Twitter page did announce the release. Just tried rebooting my phone to see if maybe that would initiate the update process…but no dice.

    • George

      HTC Incredible user too……………I checked for system updates, and it said I was up to date. However, my firmware is shown as "2.1 -update1." So I am assuming I have not yet received it.