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Crysis 2 Limited Edition: Multiplayer Weapons and Perks Video

We have a treat for Crysis fans now, as EA has released a new video touting the Limited Edition of Crysis 2, even giving us a quick glimpse of some brand new gameplay footage, despite the fact that the game won’t be out until March next year.

As reported from VG247, the new video gives us a look at some of the bonuses gamers will get in multiplayer mode, when opting for the Limited Edition of the game, which will be available for the same price as the standard edition, but you’ll have to pre-order it to get it – meaning copies are going to be extremely limited.

The video shows off four key bonuses which you’ll get if you purchase the LE. The first is Bonus XP, giving you early access to five multiplayer classes in the game (you’ll probably have to unlock them on standard).

Next up is a digital camouflage skin for the SCAR assault rifle. Again, this item is probably a perk that you’ll get later on when you level up a bit, so if you want a slight advantage over others, this is probably it.

The next item is definitely the most satisfying out of the Limited Edition goodies. You’ll get a hologram decoy attachment for your SCAR, allowing you to place a dummy solider into the level, Total Recall style. As you can see in the video, you let your guy do all the donkey work, and then you take out the enemy while they are distracted.

There is also a shoddy-looking dog tag available too. Check out the video below for a good look at all Limited Edition bonuses. The game is looking good you have to say.

Impressed or not?



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