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Software Predicts Criminal Behavior: Could influence sentencing

We live in a digital age and the most important thing to keep all our technology running is software. It is shocking how much we rely on it for even the simplest of tasks, but could you imagine having software that predicts criminal behavior? Well no need too, as it is already here.

That is not all, it will also help to influence sentencing, and set the amount of bail a criminal will have to pay. University of Pennsylvania professor Richard Berk who developed the software has now improved on the original programming by making it possible for the software to identify those who are most likely to commit a crime, apart from murder.

Usually a parole officer looks at the criminal record as well as gut instinct to decide what level of parole or probation to set, this software will make the job much easier now.

The idea of this criminal behavior software is all well and good, but is it not handing too much control over to technology? I fear that we could begin to loose sense on what is right or wrong once software and computers do the job for us. For more details on this visit ABC News.

Should we shift our criminal decision making over to software, or is it going too far?



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