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Samsung Epic 4G Accessories: Skins, cases etc

Sprint is to launch the Samsung Epic 4G on August 31st and is the only slider version of the Galaxy S range. The UK only has one version whereas the U.S. has four – the Epic considered to be the best of the bunch. Another model is the Captivate, which you can currently get for 1-cent, more details here. Those who plan to own one will be looking at what accessories are on offer – just so they are ready.

There are a number of accessories already available for Samsung’s Android handset, such as cases, chargers, holders and skins. The most popular I would assume would be the cases, what better way to protect your handset from the abuse that it would go through during one-day.

HubPages explains that cases for the Epic come in three categories, skins, gloves / holster and pouch. Skins are ok as they allow you and others to still see the beauty of the phone, but does not offer much in the way of protection.

Gloves are often made from plastic, rubber or metal and cover the phone with just holes cut out to allow you to access controls and the screen. Holsters and pouches are ideal when you do not need to use your phone, and is a great way to keep the handset out of harms way.

For more details on this visit HubPages. For a complete list of Samsung Epic 4G accessories visit Amazon.



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