New Apple TV (iTV): Can it replace Cable / Satellite?

As you may well know Apple is to hold a special media event on Wednesday September 1, 2010. Most of us assume that Steve Jobs will deliver a keynote highlighting all the latest features of a new iPod Touch, but there is also something else expected – a new Apple TV or iTV as it could be known.

Ian Paul from PC World reports that Apple has been in talks with a few major networks to offer TV episodes for 99 cents, which can be rented via iTunes, more details on this can be found on Bloomberg. This certainly sounds like an interesting idea – but does it offer you enough to replace your cable or satellite system?

Apple has never gone into Apple TV with the conviction of making it a main part of its business portfolio, maybe that is about to change – why else would they be talking to the likes of NBC, Fox and others?

Apple TV has only been a kind of hobby for the company, but with Google TV on the horizon maybe this is the push that Jobs needed to offer us so much more? I am not certain if these systems are there yet, but it could not be long before we consider dumping our cable or satellite systems. What do you think?


  • skellener

    With the right content and right price, absolutely it can replace cable and satellite. I am ditching DirecTV this weekend. I pay almost $50 a month for the most basic service. I switched to EyeTV on the MAc and now get over-the-air HD channels for free. Goodbye DirecTV! Hello ala carte!

  • Mike

    No, as long time DirecTV subscriber, there is no way I would give up my satellite for an iTV. Could it be a compliment to it? Sure, but that's all it would be, for me anyway.

    However, as a consultant who travels almost weekly, I can see the benefit of being able to download the programs I want to watch, or missed, while traveling, via iTunes. I would not bring an iTv in my bag with me every week.


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