James Bond 007: Blood Stone ‘Istanbul Trailer’ (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

By Jamie Pert - Aug 26, 2010

Ok, so we are told that there is no upcoming James Bond films in the pipeline, but the new trailer for James Bond: Blood Stone should fill some empty holes for Bond fans with all new close combat gameplay and the usual car chase themes.

Bond fans will be pleased to know that Daniel Craig, and Judi Dench are featured voices in the upcoming game that is developed by Bizarre Creations and published by Activision.

In the plot, you obviously play as James Bond who teams up with Nicole Hunter (voiced by Joss Stone). Your mission is to find a researcher who is thought to be dead, and will be set across five separate locations — Athens, Istanbul, Monaco, Siberia and Bangkok.

Blood Stone features usual third-person shooter type gameplay, with a unique ‘Focus Aim’ system that lets players lock onto targets after melee takedowns and a multiplayer system for up to 16 players.

The trailer is embedded below, and all Bond fans will have high expectations for a game that needs to fill the void they have had since Quantum of Solace came out some time ago. But you will have to wait until November 2010 to fill those voids.

Bond fans, what do you make of the trailer?

Source: Push Square

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  • paulcusack

    i know how u fell goldeneye was the best did u see the new glodeneye game for the wii its not the same if pierce brosnan is bond

  • Siler

    eh, i'm not actually all that stoked about it. The graphics look nice, but i can't get into the 3rd person shooters, it seems like it will be a lot like quantum of solice, which wasn't bad, but when you grow up with goldeneye, it doesn't really compare. Props for the DB5 though.