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iTunes U: Unprecedented growth rate

We learned yesterday that iTunes U hit the 300 million downloads barrier; Maddy Rowe from OSM reported that this has been achieved in three years. The online educational store, another arm of Apple’s iTunes service had got off to a slow start, bit the current 800 universities have certainly been downloading a huge amount content now.

Those of you signed up to iTunes U has access to more than 350,000 audio and video files, but it has not been all good news for the service. Launched in 2007; growth was slow and steady, back in December 2009 there had only been 100 million downloads, so the 200 million downloads in just 8 months is unprecedented.

There are a number of factors for this growth, but the main reason has to be because universities in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Mexico all now have access to this content. More details can be found on Cnet News.

I remember having to sit down in front of the TV years ago watching hours of Open University, students should are just lucky to have such a service as iTunes U.

Do you use iTunes U? How could the service be improved?



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