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iPhone 4 Leica M9: Customization at its best

Since the iPhone 4 was release there have been a number of mods made, but none come better than this one-off customization, which you can see for yourself on Flickr. The modification that we are talking about is an Apple iPhone 4 that looks like a Leica M9 camera.

According to PetaPixel the guy who developed this half-breed was called Joey and had a number of issues to solve before he came up with his finished item. Before we continue we have to inform you that the mod is not for sale, but maybe he would do more if the price was right?

Joey loves his iPhone 4 – not sure if he has any signal problems – and he also loves his Leica M9. So he thought what better way than to join two of his favorite devices.

The mod looks very clever, but in fact it is just stickers. He took photos of the front and back of the camera and then transferred them on to sticky paper, which he then cut out carefully and placed them on either side of the iPhone 4. What you are left with is the thinnest looking Leica M9, this will certainly confuse a few people.



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