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iPADock: iPhone and iPod Touch, iPad Dock

When I got my first iPhone last year I also went ahead and purchased a small dock to charge it up on my desk, as well as a Bose Sounddock to listen to it another room. However, now Apple has launched the iPad, which meant I had to get a new dock.

This is a huge problem for not only Apple customers, but other brands as well. It seems that vendors love it when a new product comes out, as they know that we will need to purchase a new accessories that is compatible with our new device.

That is where the iPADock cradle comes in, not only will it charge your iPhone up, but also your iPod Touch and iPad all at the same time. This item costs just $70, that’s a huge saving when you consider that you no longer need a multitude of docks anymore.

Did we forget to tell you that you can also dock the iPod Nano, iPhone 3G and 3GS well? That’s not all; there is also a card reader on the back, ideal if you have the iPADock from PhotoFast connected to a computer.

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  • John Lancaster

    Is this available in Singapore?


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