HTC Droid Incredible: New Android 2.2 Froyo Update – Download Links

By Alan Ng - Aug 26, 2010

While we admit that HTC Droid Incredible owners have been on a merry-go-round lately in terms of waiting around for Froyo, we finally have some solid news for you. A new Froyo build has been leaked for the device, and we can confirm that it is working stable and without any problems.

As reported from BGR, you can thank Shipped-Roms for the new build, as they have posted a fully working Rom Upgrade Utility (RUU) in .exe format. If you head to their site here, you’ll find the relevant download links.

BGR confirm that the update worked for them, and that Flash 10.1 and 3G Mobile Hotspot support are confirmed features so far. With that, we can safely say that the update is working and will not brick your device when attempting to install. Full instructions can be seen over at Shipped-Roms.

While this build is still unofficial, it is a lot better than waiting on Verizon it seems. Let us know if the update worked for you or not.

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  • Same issues here. I did find a tab in your "wireless & networks" where you can turn off the "always-on mobile data" setting. Not sure if it was there before the update, but when I turned it off the phone cooled off significantly and now actually charges again, although much slower than before. It now uses 3G only when needed instead of blasting empty RF signals at the towers all day.

    I also have my ATK auto-kill set to Agressive which helps. Skype still keeps running though. Grrr to Verizon…. Destroyed my faith in the Droid.

  • unhappy user

    These multiple running apps are completely usless and on top of that they just drain the battery so fast, it become just so annoying (the neccessity to charge the battery every few hours). I hate, when I cannot uninstall apps, that I don't like. It looks like Verizon and HTC keep us hostages. They basically killed the Google's idea of free market. I wish somebody find the solution to reverse it.

  • Jon

    Just called Verizon and was told that these applications that they installed are "features". Bunch of BS if you ask me. The woman told me that they are part of the software and that there is no possible way to uninstall CityID, or any of the VZW crap. She was really leaning on the "They don't cost you anything". She had no response when I told her I just didn't want these applications on my phone other than the cost thing. Might go to the store just to give them hell.

  • Sandra

    Very, very disappointed with 2.2. I keep trying to kill app's to no avail. Looking at running applications, it looks like it's running every single app I own. Having a really hard time charging the battery & not having it drained "very" quickly. Ughhhh, where is the uninstall 2.2 button.

  • Maverick

    The 2.2 release is a disappointment. My phone which worked so well on the 2,1 OS, now has started acting up ever since the 2.2 upgrade last night.

    – Apps such as Skype and VZW navigator keep re launching themselves silently in the background every few minutes.
    – Skype s the worst offender in terms of an active app. just cant kill or reinstall the app. It keeps re lauching silently in the background
    – the worst problem : the phone heats up randomly and has started to drain battery when using the phone for video playback or any other network intensive operation

    Overall, i give a thumbs down to the upgrade. Wish i could roll back to 2.1 till these issues are resolved

    • DocintheYak

      Same situation here after OTA to 2.2. Not happy. WOuld like to uninstall the 8 or so Verizon apps that came with it! I did use skype but why it relaunches every 30 seconds after killing, I have no idea. Really want to can VW Navigator…Verizon…if you have to force it on us, give us a way to uninstall or disable. May have to wait for someone to make root easy on 2.2 and go that route. Don't want to roll back then root then forward to 2.2 Very disappointed in Verizon 2.2 update..

  • dennis

    I personally have been watching this closely, because of my IT department's issues with previous Android software versions and the compatibility with Outlook Exchange. For that reason, I have not yet purchased an Incredible. Supposedly, the new version answers most of these issues. For those that are in the same situation, I just finished a chat session with a Verizon Rep, who confirmed that new Incredibles are being shipped with 2.2 preloaded to certain parts of the country.

  • Virgillio

    To all non-rooted users, you may want to hold off from updating your Droid Incredible just yet! The Froyo update appears to be hitting DI devices tomorrow. Coming packed full of all the Android 2.2 goodness you can expect including Flash 10.1, the “Dinc” will officially be caught up.

    Full list of updates:

    VZW’s Incredible support page has more info as well.