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Hackers Invade iTunes: Cybercriminals are opportunistic

Some iTunes customers are finding that their accounts have been hijacked by cybercriminals, which is not a nice thing to find out. These hijackers as they are known purchase iTunes logons from experts in email phishing, they do this by fooling you into handing over your personal details.

This is not the only way that they can acquire these iTunes logons, another way is by use of a computer virus that takes the information from your computer. Users will not notice anything strange at first, as these cybercriminals who Kurt Baumgartner from Kaspersky calls “opportunistic” will only make a $1 purchase at first.

Once the test amounts are successful they will then start purchasing Apple iTunes gift cards from $50 to $200 amounts. Once they have the codes they will then sell them on the Internet.

According to Byron Acohido, from USA Today, Apple has said that there is not much they can do about hijacking of an iTunes account. However, they do suggest that anyone who has become a victim of this crime should change their password.

Victims of this crime have been speaking out against Apple, and refuse to continue using iTunes. They hate the idea of using the service – especially when Apple refuses to admit that there is a problem.


  • I have seen Itune gift cards available at 50% discount on the internet. I suspected this should be the source of how the got it by hacking. And interestingly enough many of these cheap Itune Gift cards are sold by Vietnamese.


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