Final Fantasy Versus XIII: PS3 Release Date Delayed into 2012?

By Alan Ng - Aug 26, 2010

We have some worrying news for those of you planning on picking up Final Fantasy Versus XIII on the PS3, as Square-Enix has refused to confirm whether the game will be released in 2011 or not.

As reported from VG247, Yoshinori Kitase was speaking in an interview with GamingUnion at GamesCom about the upcoming game, but rather than give fans some hints about the game, he delivered this bombshell:

“We have no release date information to update. Unfortunately we can’t say anything about that. We can’t commit ourselves to 2011 either.”

For a game which has seemingly been in development since forever, it is particularly worrying that we still haven’t had ANY sort of gameplay footage for Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Are Square-Enix waiting until TGS in September to say something, or has the game been delayed into 2012?

Hopefully we are wrong on this one, but it doesn’t look good. Are you looking forward to the game? If so, let us know your thoughts on Kitase’s comments. There are some old screenshots of the game here.

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  • guest

    6 years in developement come on ! looks that there building space ships! when it will come up it will suck. 

  • Rusty

    Wow… I’m surprised there are still this many people keeping tabs on the game anymore. It’s been so long it’s lost most of its hype. Hopefully it delivers. I’ll have to leech off a friend’s PS3 to play it. I don’t even care if it is multi-platform at this point, I just want the game to be finished.
    At this point though, with all the money Sqaure has shelled out for this game, it’s likely an XBox port will happen to bring in revenue from our audience. I may be wrong, Square’s made dumb decisions before -Third Birthday was atrocious, but I hopefully the game comes out being a qaulity product. It’d be the ultimate letdown if it turned out to be another Soul Calibur IV.

  • Shingo

    come on SE… i am pain to wait for that… I want play it!!

  • roxas the sable

    I totally agree with the statement made by Sam. Final Fantasy has turned into a total let down when certain things were removed from the games. (the main being its original producer) I truly believe this game (Versus) has a chance to be the best final fantasy we've seen in a long time (if not ever made). I have nothing but HATE towards the new Final Fantasy series, I despise this grid leveling system, I think its retarded. I am beyond happy to hear the world map and airship travel is returning. I disliked the leveling system, the game play and the battle system, I just all around hated the new FF games. I like how the Versus XIII will feature the old elements mixed with the new, Like Kingdom Hearts meets Final Fantasy VIII, both very good games.YES, FFXIII was a huge let down. Nothing about XIII impressed me. The game is paved in stone, once u reach a certain point there's no going back, NO AIRSHIP? WTF right? I would gladly wait til 2013 for a GOOD modern day Final Fantasy. FFX would have been good if it featured the airship traveling and world map with no stupid grid leveling. Final Fantasy IX was the last good game in the main series. I got 2 words for you all. Hironobu Sakaguchi aka The Father of Final Fantasy. Remember Dragon Ball GT was made by someone else and not Akira Toriyama, and therefor it was total garbage compared to the original Dragon Ball and the Z series. Don't try to repaint a da Vinci. As for Kingdom Hearts 3 don't think your gonna see it this year or next. There isnt ANYTHING about it. No trailers, no screen shots. We had info about XIII and Versus back in 06-07. Were talking 2013-2014 if not later for the next main installment in the KH series.

  • Alyssa

    Okay, this game better be kick ass…I've been waiting since the first trailer, which was what…2006 I believe…2007 latest. Anyway, since I've been waiting forever, this must be an amazing game. Game play, music, voice acting, battle system, I'm expecting it to be flawless. I mean to put a trailer out there and not release it for this long or even give a release date is just cruel. >_<

  • Nataie

    FF 13 was awesome~ I hope versus 3 would come out next year or so since I have to concentrate on my studies this year lol but I'm already excited and pumped up about it. I can't wait for it to be released!!!! ^^

  • JIZM

    this games the only reason why im buying a ps3, more time they have to polish the game the better,

  • ricky da FF freak

    You know what I am just seeing out to see what they bring out, the graphics and battle systems have become a lot more interesting. I would rather say let them take time to bring an excellent game out then rush it with plenty of glitches and bad features. At least there is the next generation online game to keep us busy, and boy I cannot wait for the ps3 version of ff14 to come out already here in s.a., want to get going with it.

  • david

    i think its best that since everyone wants versus more than agito, they should focus alot more on versus. Hopefully if the agito team helped the versus team FF versus would hopefully be ready in summer or fall 2011.

  • Blue

    Ff13 was so boring. however the story and graphics were pretty good, the gameplay sucked. If you could return to places (with a purpose like using some of the mission bosses), and play as all three characters at once then that would be pretty good. as a final change, completely and totally REMOVE auto battle!! I mean what the hell.

    versus looks ****ing awesome. It's dark and gritty, as if it was 7 and 8's love child. I just hope it is more of a challenge and rewarding bosses like ff12's **shudder** tiamat. Finnaly, noctis has frickin 12 or 13 or whatever swords!! i mean whats not to like?

    And i agree with davie that i'll wait forever as long as they get it right in the end…

  • yannickvanwinckel

    I hope the storyline of versus13 makes up for the one in 13. Though the graphics should at least be equally appealing 🙂

  • Zin

    omg … i can;t wait …. so excited for like 3 months …. this is the only game i been so excite to play

  • Masta1

    FF XIII was eye candy while the story line and game play is a total let down. I wish they could do something like using FF Versus XIII / VII theme, crazy half real half fake story line, FF 7/9/tactics game play, keeping the XIII graphics quality, Similar theme as FF VII music theme but richer with orchestra quality. Side quests like FF IX. Romance like FF VIII But story should be 75% politics and twisted like Metal Gear and 25% romance. Not like retarded "Oh Sarah, I will save you. Your hero is here now… that bullshit sweeten to the point where the game is trash". Now we're talking!

  • Susukihotaru

    Final fantasy 13 rocks!!!!!! It was incredible and have a lot to do. Maybe a little bit harder in missions and fightings will be better but it was cool! When i get it i wanted to reach the end! I loved more final fantasy 10 in battles when you could change your character in the middle. Well i thought after ff 12 that i would ever play again another one, but ff 13 make the difference, characters, graphics, music, story and style were perfect for me. I hope FF Versus 13 will be out really really soon cause i can't wait. I want again to play FF and get stocked with it. So PLEASE release it fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam

    It has a chance of being the best FF for a very long time. A return to the world map/airship travel system is worth the wait in my opinion as FF was ruined for me the day that was taken away.

    If it's 2012, so be it.

  • Harperlarp

    So we're going to have FFXIV before we've even been given the full XIII series yet. Get your priorities right SE! Finish XIII, then move onto XIV dammit!

  • Leon

    FF13 became a failure since the day it announced cross-console to XBOX360…Hope not same will happen to FFversus13 …

  • leon

    geeez and that means KH3 will be a 2013 release if this is 2012 .. but i mean who cares if they are supposed to be this good then ill wait ….. i mean i think they killed FF13 when they said its a xbox 360 release i knew they would screw it up .. but lets hope they make the right choice in making it a ps3 exclusive 🙂 and making a new engine or like fuse 2 together and hopefully not use the FF13 engine

  • davie

    i'm more than happy to wait as long as they get it right….

  • Steven Mailloux

    Well think about this, PS3 got FF13 on March 2010, it will get FF14 on March 2011, they cant release more than one Final Fantasy on a console per year, I mean we'd like it, but production wise, it's impossible. So my best bet is that FFVersus13 will be out for March 2012.

  • davie

    i cant wait for this game, ff 13 was a complete letdown and could barely b classed as a final fantasy game, lets hope it was just a stocking filler so they could blow us away witth this beast!

  • I totally agree with what Anthony said.

  • If it is going to be released that late, i wont be buying it
    Ive already started losing interest in it

  • Evan G

    ….and this comes as a surprise? Next to Blizzard, no one knows the art of taking their sweet effing time more than Square.

    I just hope they use this time to deliver a quality and polished product. Is their honestly anyone here who actually thought this game would be out in 2011?

    I wouldnt be surprised if it was pushed back to 2013. Stop bitching about the release date people, the amount of work required to make game is well beyond what your primitive monkey-brain can fathom.

  • Idk

    Aw, jeez. I hope not. We have been waiting for so long for this game. They announced it so early. Maybe too early. And now everything is slowing it down. They're showing gameplay footage soon, but I really hope they release it in 2011. Not 2012. That would be depressing. Lmfao.

  • Anthony

    i think they are trying to bring gameplay and a decent amount of information about the game to tokyo game show however i think the game will have a Q1 or Q2 2012 release personally. Lets hope their taking this time and fixing all the probloms with final fantasy 13 for this game. FF13 was linear until 25 hours in, you could not pick your party setup or who you played as until 20 hours in the game, you could not switch between your characters mid battle so once the leader died you got gameover, also summons were virtually useless when they are suppose to be power houses, there was no towns and npc's to get information from or just talk to. There was no side quest's(those pitiful repetitive missions don't count) i don't remember any mini games either, and the whole overall story was lacking big time, with cheesy characters, and a half corny script. It was barely saved by beautiful graphics, good voice acting, a great battle system(just wish you could switch characters mid battle and summons were more of use), lip synced( witch helped make the game even better to look at on top the graphics) and the amazing music it had. Aside from those 5 things it brought the series down in my eyes and i hope final fantasy versus 13 keeps the things that 13 got right(of course though with a more kingdom hearts like battle system) and then correct all the thing's 13 got wrong.