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Facebook Chat Improvements Won’t Support Internet Explorer 6

Facebook’s developers have recently revealed that users still running Internet Explorer 6 may have to soon upgrade, this is because the popular social network website’s chat functionality will soon no-longer run on this version of Microsoft’s web browser.

Apparently in three weeks (September 15th) the instant-messaging functionality will no longer work in IE6, this is because Facebook are aiming to make huge improvements to the chat functionality, which cannot run on IE6 which is now nine-years old.

To be honest if you are running Internet Explorer 6 you should update your web browser, perhaps download Internet Explorer 8, Google Chrome, Opera or Mozilla Firefox.

Although this is bad news for IE6 fans it is great for all other Facebook users, as it means that Facebook chat is being improved, I wonder exactly what changes we can expect.

What improvements would you like to see in the new and improved Facebook chat?

Source: ComputerWorld



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