Back to School 2010: Shopping on Best Buy

Most students in the U.S. will go back to school next week, and for those who have not already got their equipment for the new 2010 semester will be having one made rush at the weekend. We expect to see a number of stores offering deals on certain items needed for school, one such retailer is Best Buy.

As always Best Buy have an area on their website dedicated for back-to-school deals, and is broken down into categories. These are as follows: College, High School and Elementary, with the former also having four sub categories.

The college category has been broken down into four sub-cats, study, connect, live and entertain in style. Study in style has four products up for offer, with the best saving being on a TI-84 Plus Silver Graphing Calculator by Texas Instruments. The regular price is $137.99, but you can now get the device for just $109.99.

There are many similar offers up for grabs on the Best Buy website, just hurry as you do not have much more time left.



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