Yahoo / Bing Search Engine Merger and Google domination

Those of you who live in Canada and the U.S. will already know that the Yahoo and Bing search engine merger has now taken place – meaning that Yahoo now gets its search results from Bing. This is seen as a big deal for the two companies.

There are a number of reasons why they have gone ahead with the merger, the first is to cut costs, and the second is to try and put a stop to the Google domination. It is no secret that Google has been top dog in the search engine market – well when was the last time you heard someone say they will Yahoo it?

According to an article on WSJ by John Letzing, this is just the first phase of the merger; tests are still ongoing for the transition with advertisers for both Yahoo and Microsoft. Bing is now considered to be a first-rate search engine, but now it is time to get the right kind of marketing – only then will the two companies threaten Google.

The idea is simple really; two companies joining forces will be able to draw more users going for the same keywords, something that would have been watered down when they were two separate entities. For a detailed look at Yahoo and Microsoft’s futures continue reading the WSJ article.


  • Yahoo was getting old anyway. Its not like this move will make Google change anything though. Googel still owns like 65% of the search market…

  • alex

    ummm not a full story… Yahoo Japan, Japan's largest Internet portal operator, will adopt Google's search engine, refusing to follow Yahoo Inc in choosing Microsoft ….


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