Top 4 Sony PS3 Consoles: Sexier than Xbox 360?

By Peter Chubb - Aug 25, 2010

The video games console has come a long way since the days of Pac Mac, which recently became a huge hit again thanks to Google and its homepage. Picking the best console has always been a hard thing to do; well I would not want to upset anybody.

However, whenever it comes to picking the top 4 best looking consoles, which are all the Sony PS3 – well that’s according to TQcast. I have to wonder why the Xbox 360 did not make the cut? There are those who believe that the PlayStation 3 has always been a sexier machine, but would you agree?

I just realized that TQcast point out that they have only looked at the Japanese games console, if they had seen this Iron Man Xbox 360, I am sure that would have made the list.

The white PS3 is a sexy machine and seems to add a bit of class, maybe that’s why people are so desperate for the white iPhone? The best-looking PS3 has to be the Yakuza 3 edition, although the Final Fantasy 13 White with Pink is a close second.

The other two PS3 consoles on the sexy list has to be the fat Silver PS3 and the upcoming Limited Edition Gran Turismo 5 in Titanium Blue, which we discussed in a recent post.

If you had to pick the sexiest console, what would it be?

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  • DaveBG

    PS3 is a weird shape and pretty fat with it, even after the slim revision (tho they try and hide it's bulk with the odd shaping).
    Personally I prefer the Xbox S, Iike my consoles to look right with the rest of my a/v kit.
    PS3 never has fit in properly.

  • PS3wannaBe

    It's all about the PS3, best looking machine ever. Xbox is just that, a box. Ugly power cord is probably the reason behind not having made the par compared with PS3.

    I personally love my charchol black PS3 slim but the best looking was the original PS3 fat.

  • bob

    PS3 is damn ugly

  • deman

    the regular fat ps3

  • marhorn

    The new Xbox is soooo nice looking and especially the Halo Reach one!