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Sony Xperia X8: User manual thanks to FCC

We already know what the new Sony Xperia X8 looks like, but who would have thought that the FCC would be so quick having a user manual on their website? The pictures of the small Android 1.6 smartphone have only been available for a short amount of time, which you can see over on Engadget.

While visiting the FCC website and clicking on the PDF file it shows that this is the Sony Xperia X8 User Guide – Short Guide. Not sure why they call this the short version, there is still 18 pages of goodness to view?

There is still nothing new to learn spec wise, but at least we get an idea of certain functions of the phone, and getting to know the handset with a handy layout guide. The user manual even explains how to connect the Xperia X8 to a computer, not sure what would be different here than any other handset on the market?

Go ahead and take a look at the PDF file over on the FCC website and let us know if you have found out anything new.



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