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Sony Online Pass for PS3 – Bad News for Pre-Owned Games

At E3 2010 Sony Officially revealed PlayStation Plus, a premium PlayStation Network subscription service, now we are hearing that Sony is supportive of an online pass which developers and publishers may implement to battle the pre-owned market.

At the moment if you buy a pre-owned PlayStation 3 title you can access all of the game’s offerings, however EA Sports want to lock down online content and multiplayer functionality.

From what we can see Sony and EA will allow access to the game’s entire offerings if you buy it brand new, however if you buy it second hand you will have to buy an online pass (for around $10) to gain access to aspects such as multiplayer gaming and other online content.

A lot of people are annoyed at this news as it seems as if consumers have to pay for more and more for content, I can understand Sony’s thinking, however I feel as if developers and publishers etc seem to be getting greedy, let’s face it its not as if there is a huge piracy problem like there was with the PS2.

If Sony do implement this I think it will have a huge impact on the online gaming world, what do you think?

Source: Engadget



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