Samsung Captivate Galaxy S for 1-cent: The catch

By Peter Chubb - Aug 25, 2010

It seems that AmazonWireless are doing all they can to shift as many Galaxy S handsets as they can. Last week they offered the Samsung Vibrant for 1-cent, now they are doing the same offer for the Samsung Captivate. However, we have to point out that like all great deals, there is a catch.

According to Andrew Munchbanc from BGR, the $0.01 price only applies for those starting a new activation, those wishing to renew a two-year contract will have to pay $99. It does not matter what you do, it always seems as thought the loyal customers get the bum deal.

The one-cent offer is for a limited time only from August 15th – August 31, so not that long then. The Captivate is the AT&T version of the Galaxy S, but it is not considered the best.

The Galaxy S Android powered smartphone that is said to offer the best features has to be the Epic 4G from Sprint. This smartphone is considered the HTC EVO 4G with a slide-out keyboard; the release date is August 31st.

Will you take AmazonWireless up on this great offer?

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  • prince

    very very good mobile plz gift me plz plz iam poor

  • serial

    Galaxy s is a great phone and luckily everyone else has one or is getting one. Don't buy from att

  • serial

    I think they should pay you for using att

  • Mike

    So the samsung galaxy is such a great phone ! Where do you get replacment screens after they get dropped. It seems they break even faster . than their predecesser.