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RIM Purchase Cellmania – BlackBerry App World To Benefit

BlackBerry firm Research In Motion have acquired the rights to mobile software company Cellmania who specialize in a product called mFinder. mFinder allows companies to offer better facilities for mobile subscriptions, offer time and location-based content management and track downloaded content on mobile devices.

Cellmania posted a note on their website confirming the takeover which stated “Our team has joined RIM’s global organization and will continue to bring our expertise in application storefront development to the BlackBerry platform.”

Although RIM have acquired the rights, Cellmania said that it would continue to support their existing clients. However, details were not released.

This solution could tie to BlackBerry App World, for which RIM released to compete with Apple’s App Store and the Android Market in April 2009. A new version of App World has recently been released with a number of new features including ‘Top Free,’ ‘Top Themes,’ and ‘Recently Updated.’

Source: PC Mag


  • Jape

    This is good information, thanks for the post! I've used mFinder in the past, but I never knew what company parented them.


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