PS3 Pro Elite Wireless and EX Controllers: Nothing compares

By Peter Chubb - Aug 25, 2010

There are two things wrong with my Sony PS3, the fact that it has now stopped spinning discs and the design of the controller. I do not want to start a huge debate here, but even though I do not own an Xbox 360 – I love the feel of the larger controller in my hands.

However, there are always alternatives to the PlayStation 3 controller from Sony, and PSU has two for you. Those are the Pro Elite Wireless and Pro EX Controllers; both come with textured grips and a soft-touch coating for added comfort.

That’s not all; the buttons glow for when you are gaming in the dark. The price for the Pro EX is just $19.99 and the Pro Elite Wireless will cost just that bit extra – $49.99. However, the extra $30.00 is worth it, as you are getting much more for the money.

PSU knows one thing, these controllers from the POWER A series will be the only ones you will ever need for the PS3, but would you agree?

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  • MYself

    I agree with last comment by one time, wii is way the best and not only do I cum all over the floor wen I switch the hairy bastard on but I wank a dog just thinking about the cunt.


      I completely agree with both you cunts. The Wii gives me a boner like a mother fucker to the point where I will actually grab the nearest person and cum directly on there face while wanking a dog and fingering the neighbours cat’s cunt.

      Love cunt, love Nintendo Wii.

  • one time

    Wot a bunch of shit the Wii is the best I cum in my pants ever time I switch the pile of cunt on

  • Josef


    maybe Peter Chubb was one of the unlucky ones that received a PS3 that did have a hardware malfunction

  • Jimmy Lee

    I've been gaming since the 8-bit days and my thumb has always rested in the same place, the dreamcast, xbox and 360 continued this tradition with 3d gaming- having the analog in that place.

    Sony still hasn't given up it's tried and true design, even tho we play more 3d games now than 2d games with the d-pad. The DS3 is probably worse than the DS2 just due to the convex triggers.

    This controller is a perfect option for all those who actually like a comfortable controller that fits like a glove. No slipshod Real Triggers to attach either!

  • Nick

    what are you on about the xbox 360 controller easily out comforts the ps3 controller i own a ps3 and 360 and although i prefer the ps3 when it comes to the controller the 360 is way ahead. Fair enough the playstaiton controler hasnt changed over time but this deffinatly is a must buy controller obviously they took time ont he controller while making it and its clear they pretty much copied the xbox 360 controller which is good.

  • Comedykev

    Hmm blatent advertisement i think.

  • PS3wannaBe

    WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? This Peter Chubb doesn't know what he's talking about. PS3 has a very low hardware malfunction percentage.

    And the PS3 controller is perfect! Yes I own a PS3, I've owned every playstation there is and feel the PS3 controller is perfect. Fits right in the hands, small but that makes it easy to reach all the buttons without straining like on the 360.

    Also 360 controller (which this design by PSU looks like) has analog in the wrong spot and makes the middle finger numb after a while of playing.

    PS3 controller hasn't had to change in 3 generations, no other console can say that. The controller is perfect, ergonomic and you can reach all the buttons without straining.

    Thats my view.


      omg ur the most full of shit cunt ive ever heard. the analog stick is in a better position than the ps3 and makes it a lot easier. and because the ps3 controller has not changed in 3 generations its a piece of shit that will give you arthritis by the age of 35. the original xbox controller was shit, ill agree to that but they fixed and updated and now is fantastic. also u stupid bastard, u do not get a sore finger from xbox. i have both consoles so dont say shit. ive got a ps3 slim and an xbox elite, ive got 20days worth of online play on mw2 on xbox and have completed the uncharted 2, assasins creed 1,2 and fallouts campaigns, i would know. but anyway those are my thoughts, i need to find a comfortable ps3 controller similar to the xbox. just dont brag about shit u dont know

    • wil

      The only people I know that like the ps3 controller have small hands.