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PS3 Pro Elite Wireless and EX Controllers: Nothing compares

There are two things wrong with my Sony PS3, the fact that it has now stopped spinning discs and the design of the controller. I do not want to start a huge debate here, but even though I do not own an Xbox 360 – I love the feel of the larger controller in my hands.

However, there are always alternatives to the PlayStation 3 controller from Sony, and PSU has two for you. Those are the Pro Elite Wireless and Pro EX Controllers; both come with textured grips and a soft-touch coating for added comfort.

That’s not all; the buttons glow for when you are gaming in the dark. The price for the Pro EX is just $19.99 and the Pro Elite Wireless will cost just that bit extra – $49.99. However, the extra $30.00 is worth it, as you are getting much more for the money.

PSU knows one thing, these controllers from the POWER A series will be the only ones you will ever need for the PS3, but would you agree?



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