PlayStation 4: 5 tips for dominance

The Sony PS3 has been in a constant battle with Nintendo and Microsoft over their Wii and Xbox 360 games consoles respectively. Sony had all the right ingredients to outsell the other two consoles, but did not manage to do so. However, the Japanese consumer electronics maker has a chance to make things right with the PS4, and if it has any chance of dominance, then these 5 tips from sarcasticgamer should be considered.

The PlayStation 4 is still years away, but we would be naive to think that Sony has yet to start development on the next-generation of consoles.

The first tip is Innovate, don’t duplicate! They do not want to copy something that they knew did not work, Playstation Home. However, Sony does need to include something innovate as they did with the Blu-ray player.

The second tip is that Sony needs to make certain that they can offer the best titles. More often than not the best selling PS3 titles are also available on the Xbox 360, which is not a good thing.

The third tip and one that I can agree on is not wasting time with 3D gaming. I have never been a lover of 3D, as I believe that everything else but the center is blurry and gives me a headache – imagine watching this for 3 – 4 hours at a time while playing a fast-action?

For a detailed look at these three tips and the other two visit sarcasticgamer for the complete article.

Expectation are high for the PS4, what would you like from the new console?

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  • Vastet

    1: The article author is a fool. Home was brilliant. Millions of people use it daily. It will be part of PlayStation forever. One more thing that Sony has, which the competition does not have.

    2: More often than not the best selling Sony titles are available ONLY on the PlayStation, whereas EVERY 360 title can be played on multiple systems.

  • Dan

    Home is just software, it makes money and has had 12 million people playing its fine just leave it to develop. By the time ps4 comes it should be really good. If sony can stop xbox720 using bluray that will screw them over. They would have succeeded this gen if it wasnt for the price, coming late to market and poor initial titles. Its still going to outsell xbox360 and gt5 should help alot.

  • Furze

    PS4 needs more RAM.

    • dave

      All hardware developers should try to max out memory to the greatest extent possible.

  • marhorn

    More often than not the best selling PS3 titles are also available on the Xbox 360! You mean the Xbox 360 gets all the best titles for itself? my predictions? sony goes bankrupt and doesnt release a ps4! ps3 has one franchise left, Gran Turismo and that took too long , meanwhile Forza 3 was released and is now the best racer!


    • PS3wannaBe

      You have no idea what your talking about marhorn. PS3 has all the best titles for them selves. God of War, Gran Turismo, Uncharted, infamous, Killzone, AGENT – the upcoming exclusives PS3 title from Rockstar North, MLB the show, Twisted Metal I can keep going.
      360 has nothing, the supposed exclusives are better on PC and free online play the PC way.
      Anything that's not on PC isn't even worth playing. This Christmas you will see PS3 beat 360 in overall hardware sales. Especially since both companies are focusing on movement controls. Kinect is a failure, Move is awesome. Sony wins,

      Bring on Gran Turismo!

      • marhorn

        Hahahahaha You said move is awesome!

  • joe

    if sony would want to make the ps4 work they should make it all digtal base so that then they could make it backwards compitable for all the playstation games. keep the blue-ray player keep the inter-net connection. make better games by getting and making games that the other companys dont got. get raid of playstation home for sure cause that s.cks. also they should get raid of the 3-d gaming cause that aint really anything big just like when sega made 3-d gaming it didnt work now were is sega there long gone. if sony wants to make the ps4 work then just go back to there old way of thimg and that is to give the comsumers what they want just like they did with the ps1 and ps2. also sony should go back to the umd drive for the psp cause when they did that they sold more psp then they are now. this is my point but i could be wrong. anyone agrees with me on this one.


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