Philadelphia Announce Bloggers License

It is no secret that Philadelphia are struggling with the current economic climate, therefore it is unsurprising to hear that they are looking into ways of increasing revenue, we have recently heard that they are now demanding that bloggers acquire a business license.

If a blog has the potential of making profit via ads etc the federal government want you to buy a license, this license will either cost you $50 a year, or $300 for a lifetime.

This is particularly bad news for those of you who have your own low key blog, however I doubt larger blogs will complain about the small $50 a year cost.

Over the last few years blogs have really taken of, as of June 2010 there were 11.4 million blogs hosted on WordPress, which goes to show how popular blogging has become.

If you would like to find out fully detailed information regarding the new licensing we recommend checking out the source link below.

Source: Reuters



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